A Four Star Tool; Generally Speaking for Obama


The following was made available thru John Howland at USNA-AT-Large and deserves a wide audience.

General to General

Richard Carroll asked my opinion of General Tony McPeak, and his

current support of the far, Socialist-Left. He is co-chairman of

Obama’s National Election Committee. I have been asked the same

question by many others.

Rich wrote this and asked for as much coverage as possible…

I consider this a weak version of how I really feel about Wesley

Clark, Tony McPeak, the traitor Army Generals, and the rest of their

ilk who are supporting the far-left in this election.

Most, if not all, waited until they thought there was a predictable winner to the

Democratic nomination, then ran to show their support in hopes of

receiving a Cabinet appointment after the election. This is

absolutely unforgivable to me, and the majority of the military

members that I served with for upward to 35 years. In my opinion,

they are supporting the destruction of our military, and willing to

do irreparable damage to our country strictly for their own personal gain.

J. C.

B/G, USAF, Ret.


A Four Star Tool;

Generally Speaking

by Rich Carroll

‘As one who for 37 years proudly wore the uniform of our

country’. General Merrill ‘Tony’ McPeak, Co-Chairman of Barack

Hussein Obama Campaign.

History, General, will remember you by not how proudly you wore your

uniform, but by how you betrayed our trust and by how defiantly your

current boss refuses to wear an American flag pin.

Veterans will remember you for choosing to support a political party that trashes

and degrades our military. You have separated yourself from ‘those

who served’ to become entrenched with a candidate inextricably

connected to a political and religious cult determined to control

America and murdering millions in their effort to do so.

You blame our Commander In Chief [Bush] for the reprehensible and dangerous actions

of a demented Muslim tyrant, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

You have hung your star on the party that since Vietnam has picketed

the United States military. Does ‘Code Pink’ ring a bell,

General? How about John (3 hearts and I get to go home) Kerry’s

‘Stay in school and you won’t wind up in the military’? Yes, the

very same John Kerry whose presidential campaign YOU advised.

What about Illinois Senator Durbin calling our finest young men and women

‘Jack booted Nazi storm troopers’? Do you recall the last Democrat

administration that reduced our Army from 19 to 9 divisions, cut the

Navy from 600 to 300 ships, and left our Air Force cannibalizing

aircraft for spare parts?

This appeasement crowd is your slave-master now, General, the

anti-military left, those who bomb and deface recruiting centers,

those who want to physically ‘cage’ military recruiters.

You may want to ask Senator Barack Hussein Obama if he thinks you are a ‘typical

white person’. Nice platform, General.

History reveals that every piece of racist legislation ever passed

and every racist terrorist attack that was ever inflicted on African

Americans, was initiated by the members of the Democratic Party.

From the Signing of the Constitution in 1787 to the Civil Rights

movement of 1960’s, Congressional records show the Democrat Party

passed no laws to help Blacks; every law they introduced was

designed to hurt blacks. These are the undeniable, documented, stark

differences in the basic philosophy of our two political parties,

and you have repeatedly aligned yourself with the Bad Guys, the Anti-Americans.

Spare us from the further desecration of our troops and acknowledge

the superlative military minds that truly do serve our nation. Your

maneuverings with leftist anti-military are an obvious effort at

finding suitable employment; you are desperately clinging to your

ever fading bit of the national spotlight, and it only serves to

tarnish the uniform.

In your misguided zeal to tarnish our military

even further you stated ‘Iran doesn’t support Al Qaeda’. This,

General, shows either glaring ignorance or a conscious lie. I find

you gutless and reprehensible. Your ‘party’ is not only racist

anti-white and anti-American, it is anti-semitic, striking at our

own roots and and rejecting an essential part of our

civilization. Israel, General, is the bedrock of traditional

Western moral and political principles…

Clearly, you have no shame and very little understanding of the

damage you are doing to our nation and our national debate regarding

our future leadership. You are a ‘suit’ on a stage, a prop for a

candidate attempting to present himself as capable and patriotic.

General McPeak, your vanity allows you to accept being used, but the

willful harm your self serving actions cause our military and our

citizens is more than regrettable. I am confident I speak for many

when I say to you, ‘we’ve had enough of your posturing, please stand down.’

Proudly wore the uniform, General? Your boss wants to send $834

billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to poor countries… I doubt our military will be able to afford uniforms if this comes to pass, much less equipment. Be sure to burn your old

‘uniforms’ when Islam begins to seriously be handed America by your

party of anti-American traitors. Begin studying the Koran, General;

you’ll need it.

As for the few other retired general officers supporting your

African-Muslim candidate, they must be desperately seeking

jobs. May their names be stricken by those of us who know too well

freedom was never gained by appeasing the enemy. That fact that you

don’t seem to know who we are really dealing with here (Islam) makes

me wonder exactly what you DID DO for 37 years. America is fighting

for our survival, and YOU have joined the enemy.

Jane Fonda, General, will be remembered in history for portraying a

whore in ‘Klute’. How will you be remembered?


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1 Response

  1. Walter Hayes says:


    This is another example of the true attitudes of the Liberal controlled Dem. Party.

    General McPeak joins a long list of high level Dems such as John Kerry, while planning to run for office, accusing our troops in Nam of atrocities reminiscent of Genghis Khan and John Murtha’s condemnation of our troops in Haditha before trials, who continue to bring up the question: Do these liberals respect our troops and our country?

    And that is the real question. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be put on the defensive, because it is they who raise these questions based on their own actions and words. It is they who should be questioned, not us.

    Why is it that you leave a GOP meeting feeling prouder of your country, but leave a Dem meeting with your ears ringing with attacks on our country?

    Senator Obama’s wearing or not wearing a flag pin is a personal preference.

    But donning the pin and then taking it off because of liberal pressure is a huge deal.

    How in the world is he going to stand up to terrorists and tyrants if he can’t stand up to aging hippies?