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Media Alert: Charmaine Quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call, United Press International, Chicago Tribune, HotAir

Washington Wire, Political Insight and Analysis From The Wall Street Journal’s Capital Bureau, Judicial Advocacy Groups Prepare for Supreme Court Battle, Susan Davis reports on politics, Judicial advocacy groups are already drawing battle lines...


Charmaine Quoted in The Wall Street Journal; Planned Parenthood Forbids the Science of the Sonogram

While we were marching in yesterday’s March for Life, Charmaine was interviewed by the WSJ on the Obama Abortion Bail Out executive order. Cecile Richards, from Planned Parenthood and Obama The reporter, LAURA MECKLER,...


Media Alert: Charmaine In USA Today, Reuters, HuffingtonPost, Catholic OnLine

We had a film crew from South Africa at the house today interviewing Charmaine on the campaign. The rest of the world is confused at our continuing frictional discourse on abortion. Most of the...