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Sandra Day O’Connor

Credit: Joe Marquette

EPA/Associated Press

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stepped down from the High Court this morning, but the President has announced that he will not nominate a replacement until he returns from next week’s G8 summit.

The President’s official statement said that he will be consulting with his advisors on the nomination during the trip. But of course that selection decision has already been made.

The real discussion focuses on the politics of the nomination battle. All of Washington is still speculating that the President will put his friend Alberto Gonzalez (currently serving as Attorney General) in O’Connor’s chair. See this earlier post for more on that rumor.

I was part of a press conference today on the O’Connor nomination,and the questioning was most pointed about Gonzalez.

Loyalty to his friends is one of this President’s good qualities. But in this case, he needs to find someone to put on the bench who will be loyal to the Constitution.

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  1. Dignan says:

    Charmaine: just discovered your blog; great stuff.

    As to the Supreme Court nomination coming up, I’m hoping we aren’t going to have another “Ginsburg-ing”.