Cheri Yecke for Congress


Cheri Yecke is running on a conservative platform . . . and getting insulted. But I repeat myself. Minnesota Public Radio says,

While education issues would be her focus in Congress, Yecke said she’s also campaigning on a platform of restraining government spending, retooling Social Security and enacting a ban on same-sex marriage.


Unknown Comic

Her campaign must be getting traction: she’s taking fire for her appearance by the Unknown Comic at Tbogg. And Pharyngula at Cheri Yecke is Famous.

And if you ever had your little girl teased at school for her looks, you’ll love the intro to Cheri’s article in the StarTribune Attacked for their Looks.

We endorse Yecke. Cheri, a fellow University of Virginia conservative, completed her dissertation on the lack of correlation between money spent on education and student performance. And she’s married to Dennis, a retired Marine officer. Semper Fidelis.

(Full disclosure: She worked with my husband Jack in Governor Gilmore’s administration in Virginia.)

See Cheri’s book on the education lobby’s War Against Excellence.

See also “Sticks and Stones” at Michelle Malkin.

Basil’s Blog has terrific specials. And thanks for alerting us to Wizbang’s take on Al Gore’s new venture.

SCSUScholars from Cheri’s locale sets up the right question in caring relationships vs good instruction.


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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Hey guys–we are having a discussion regarding this post and my response to it over at TwoBabesandaBrain. Our resident conservative is on vacation and we have some questions for someone who is pro-life. This is legit. We are not looking to beat up on someone–debate with yes and banter with and if you want to call us names we are cool with that as long as you mean it niceley…anyone who can help please visit us..



  2. Eva Young says:

    Yup, if flat earth creationism and teaching David Barton’s fabricated founding father quotes about the US being a “christian nation” is your vision for education is your thing, then Yecke’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    She’s going nowhere fast. The rapture, creationism, gay obscessed crowd is going for Michele Bachmann:

  3. Rapture Republican says:

    Wow! Look at the traction Yecke’s campaign has. So much traction she skidded off the campaign trail and into the ditch to take a real job instead. Not to worry, wingnuts still have a candidate in Michele Bachmann.

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