Mapping Sex Offenders


Do you live near a sex offender? This database is amazing: just type in your zip code and you get a MAP of where the registered sex offenders live near you.

Plus their names and pictures.

And the crime for which they were convicted.

Big thanks to Jay Tea at Wizbang.

Some of Jay’s commenters object to the listings. Not me.

Though I will give it to one commenter, Synova, who wrote:

I *do* have children and quite frankly, I don’t trust *anyone*. The people I’ve known who have been abused have been abused strictly by people in positions of trust. Not strangers.

Good point.

Nevertheless, I like the fact that moving in this direction — publically identifying sex offenders — takes seriously the problem of high levels of recidivism for these kinds of crimes.


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7 Responses

  1. roy harmon says:

    I am sick to death about hearing, “sex offenders this” and, “sex offenders that”, you like most of the public are morons….fucking goddamn morons. You take whatever shit the media shoves down your submissive little throats and spout it it like its some new unique idea. Get a clue. I would wager you haven’t had an original idea in years and quite frankly I wonder if you ever have. It wouldn’t kill you to some research about recidivism rates or better yet don’t even bother just bury your silly little head in the sand and the problem will go away. GOT ISSUES WITH MY COMMENTS? E-MAIL ME… bring it on

  2. BlogWatch says:

    Making it Harder to Love Your Neighbor

    But even so … if you have kids … check this out. Charmain Yoest (Reasoned Audacity) points out a site which uses google maps to locate and identify sex offenders by zip code….

  3. Thanks for the tip on this site. I knew about the one here in CA for Megan’s law and alerted all my friends and therapist friends about it.

  4. Hi me again…turns out it is linked the the Megan’s law site…at least in my state.

  5. Is this only for certain states? We’ve got a few somewhat near us in NY, but RI has none in the entire state.

  6. this is great that they are maping out criminals it saves people the time to do background checks

  7. Jason says:

    The map sex offenders site is good but I have seen some other resources that might help. Neighborhood Watchdog and Sex Offenders Report have some good resources and sex offender news.

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