Heartbroken Hurricanes



Double over-time.

Final score: 13 to 14.

The Hurricanes lost the Regional Semi-finals by one point.

Here’s how intense it was. We went into the fourth quarter at 0-0. . . we scored, and thought we’d won. But the Aztecs scored in the last minute of the game. . . and we ended up in double over-time.

The Final Prayer

These boys fought their hearts out.

Coach James Bell gave the boys a great final speech. I don’t know how he did it, because everyone was so devastated. But he stepped up and reminded them what an honor it was to have come so far. And challenged them in facing defeat, to develop character.

It still hurt just as bad. But it was a great, and graceful, effort that showed real leadership.

So sadly, this week, no Breakdown. But I do have Pastor Bob’s final prayer for the team.

Thanks Coach Bell, Coach Giddy, Coach Bob, Coach Chandler, and Coach Patrick and the rest of the Hurricanes for a great season.

Next year . . . Florida.


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  1. Coach Mitch says:

    Yes, it was a great game. I am with the oposing team(Aztecs) and I just wanted to thank the Hurricane coaches for doing such a great job with the children of there community. I know that our locations and uniform colors are not the same but our hearts are all pointed in the same direction. Good luck next season and hopefully we will meet again.

    Coach Mitch


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