Vote! Ronald Reagan Endorses Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity



President Reagan with Charmaine Crouse, (her maiden name)

from Reasoned Audacity


Reasoned Audacity is a finalist in the 2005 Weblog Awards! She’s in the Best of the Top 501 – 1000 Blogs category.

Please Vote! You can vote once a day through December 15th. This is a case where voting early and often counts…much like voting in Chicago.

Charmaine is honored to be in such great company in this category — and a bit sad to be competing against some of our favorite blogs: Willisms, American Princess, Armies of Liberation, Vince aut Morire and MacStansbury.

However. Not sad enough to not ask for your vote: Reasoned Audacity!! Those are great blogs — go read them, and then go vote for Reasoned Audacity. That’s the good thing about being a conservative: we like competition.



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Thank you (foot)notes:

7:00 UPDATE: The Poll is open!! We so appreciate your vote. . . and most of all, We appreciate you reading Reasoned Audacity!

Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger married a-way over his head.

Mudville Gazette has Weblog Awards post.

Mudville Gazette has Open Post.

Jo’s Cafe has open trackbacks.


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11 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Wow, thats very impressive. I’d be happy to lose to Charmaine, it would be an honor. But the nasty guy who is leading kind of irks me, so I’ll concur, go vote for Charmaine.

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    What a wonderful photo. I hope that it is hanging in a place of prominence in your home. I have a signed photograph of the Reagans when they were in the White House – but alas, I’m not in the picture, having never visited them there. I hope Charmaine wins the WebLog Awards, as she deserves it.

  3. ED says:

    Happy to vote for Charmaine, Jack. She was cute with Reagan, but is even prettier now. Conservative politics, you see, is (are?) good for you.


  4. And I thought I was clever with all my humorous email! This takes the cake!

    Shameless…I love it!

    I voted and voted again. 🙂

  5. Jack Yoest says:

    Stacy, thank you for voting and for your kind words!


  6. Jack Yoest says:

    E.D., You are right about being Right. Statistics show this is how you live long and prosper.



  7. Jack Yoest says:

    Kerfuffles, Every thinking household will one day have the Gipper displayed — like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln are now sometimes featured.

    Or featured on our coinage, “Thanks for winning the Cold War.”

    Thank you for your vote and support!


  8. MacStansbury says:

    oh, that’s dirty politics, pulling that picture out! I’m gonna have to get my pictures with…um…Paris Hilton…never mind…

    actually, there are two liberal blogs in our category that are vying for the title, with all the right-of-center blogs being left behind.

  9. Jack Yoest says:

    John MacStansbury, No one can beat you on style points. And key words to drive traffic, eg PARIS HILTON.

    And you’re right about your category with Needlenose and (the other) Roger Ailes. And then they complained about being in the company of conservatives; then rejoicing knowing how the vote was going to be split between the 13 good (us)and the 2 evil (them).

    WizBang’s noble desire for balance had an unintended, but not unanticipated consequence:

    Concentrating the vote — Blogosphere Gerrymandering — skewed sampling, etc. etc.

    But, at least I’ll get traffic from PARIS HILTON BOYFRIEND VIDEO. And ROGER AILES.

    Thanks again,

    PARIS HILTON (I’d been looking for an excuse to use her name.)


  10. E.M. says:

    Congrats, Charmaine! I am so proud to be in the same category with her. I agree with Jane, go vote for Charmaine. Kick that libby bloggers booty.

    And I am so jealous of Charmaines picture. The closes I’ve come is Mrs. Bush.


  11. Good morning (?)

    Yeah, I know it’s 7:00pm. My daughter and I have been sick today.

    Quick links I’ve found in the last ten minutes, thanks to a quick run through

    The definitive guide to the Weblog Awards Best of 501-1000 category


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