Scrooge Joins the Anti-Wal*Mart Mob



Jack has the story of a group of WakeUpWalMart protestors who dressed up like Santa and his elves and handed out wrapped “presents” to children inside Wal*Mart.

Inside the wrappings? Empty boxes.


Some of the children cried.

Nice. Very nice.


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2 Responses

  1. Okay, I missed that over at Jack’s site…that is so MEAN!

    Ya know, I don’t care how wacko some people can get but when they set out to intentionally hurt a child that’s when I’d like to whap them upside their collective empty heads….but I have a story…

    A few years ago I decided to do something nice for complete strangers at Christmas, so I went and bought 100 big candy canes and went down to my local Honey baked ham place and handed them to the people standing in line.

    I’ll never forget it because people thought I wanted something and all I wanted to do was just hand out candy canes. Well, I got a a woman and her kid and she denied the kid the candy cane. The kid was upset….nice huh…

    Then I got to the end of my candy canes and a few were broken, and so when I tried to give them away to an older lady in line (over 55 yrs) she turned down the candy cane because it was broken! Then I gave it to the next person in line and they replied…”Dear, some people are broken like you’re candy cane, but some people can receive your gift even though it’s broken because it’s given with love”

    Empty packages are not broken candy canes by any stretch and that wacko who handed out those boxes could learn a lesson from a broken candy cane.

  2. Erin Valentine says:

    How sad, and what a terrible comment on people who lose perspective when they allow their zealousness for any issue to override common sense and a respect for humanity. I have been just as upset over the hostility toward anything Christian as many others, but how could this gentleman even remotely justify his actions? Christmas is much more than a greeting; it is a time for everyone, regardless of their religious leanings, to embrace his fellow man and ignore petty differences. For Christians, it is a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and surely He would be as appalled as I am that someone would willingly hurt a child in order to make a point.

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