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Alex Tew set up a web page of a 1,000,000 pixels; selling each pix for $1. Alex has auctioned off his last 1,000 pixels for $38,100 US and explains that:

… officially all one million pixels on the homepage have now been sold, with total income standing at US $1,037,100 – not bad for less than 5 months work!

In December CharmaineYoest.com bought into the frenzy with a $100 ad campaign.

Here’s my ad:


Alex assures me:

If [the] pixel page has any lasting value in online marketing, … it’s that “very small ads have some sort of future.”

Small indeed. So far, for Your Business Blogger: small ad = small number. Tally to date, total visits to CharmaineYoest.com from around the world, refered to me by The MillionDollarHomePage has been quite modest.

The MillionDollarHomePage has received 2.7 million page views. Click thru’s to Your Business Blogger:


Not quite the ratio I had hoped for.

Wife Charmaine is still not convinced of the brilliance of my MicroScopic Marketing.

But I’m still hangin’ with Tew, my MillionDollarHomePage Homie.

This will go on for years. Tew promises the page will remain up for half a decade. I’ll keep you informed.

Maybe something will hit.



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Thank you (foot)notes:

And this terrible news from The Million Dollar Blog

Tuesday 17th January 2006

Site downtime, DDoS attack

I can confirm that MillionDollarHomepage.com has been subjected to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack by malicious hackers who have caused the site to be extremely slow loading or completely unavailable since last Thursday, 12th January 2006.

I can also confirm that a demand for a substantial amount of money was made which makes this a criminal act of extorsion. The FBI are investigating and I’m currently working closely with my hosting company, Sitelutions, to bring the site back online as soon as possible. More news soon.

GenericGeek has more on the blackmail.

The VoIP Blog predicted wild fluctuations in the eBay bidding.

Basil’s Blog has picnic links.

Seth Godin has Rulebreakers and Makers.


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  1. Daniel Vince says:

    I bought the big target in the centre of the MDHP [Million Dollar Home Page] for our Corporate Gifts company, the daily response has been absolutely phenomenal (up to 5000 unique visitors / day). We’re just glad that we got in there early and took the chance with spending quite a lot of money on it. With regards to copycat sites – I’m looking for something with even 10% of the initiative, to no avail.

  1. August 13, 2015

    […] MicroScopic Marketing On the MillionDollarHomePage […]

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