Carnival of Marketing is Up for 13 Feb



Magic Hour CommunicationsLouis Gudema is hosting the Carnival this week with seven selected and vetted marketing posts.

And while there check out Michael Chaffin in “Emotion Generators and Why Stories Matter”.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The Marketing Carnival is the creation of Noah Kagan at Okdork.

Simplenomics is hosting the Carnival next week. Be sure to tune in.

Read more on the interesting background of our Marketing Carnival host Louis Gudema at the jump. On-line. On the mark.

Maybe one of the best things to come out of MA in a long time, Louis Gudema:

About Us

Founder and president Louis Gudema has been serving the communication needs of world-class organizations for 20 years, beginning with the marketing of Cabbage Patch Kids for Coleco. He has been working with schools and colleges since the mid-80s, as well, with many repeat clients.

Magic Hour opened its doors at its current location in early 1998. We rode the rise and fall of the dot-com boom, while expanding our services and customer base. In the past year we have serviced more than three dozen clients with everything from Web sites powered by our MagicWand content management system to video to print. And even more important than the adding of new clients are the long-term relationships we aspire to build with all clients. For example, we have produced over 50 marketing communications projects for IBM and its Lotus division, and worked with Groton School for over decade.

Key to providing repeat service to a set of clients who could choose any firm in the world is having an outstanding staff. Magic Hour hires seasoned professionals who can provide outstanding service from day one.


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