The Carnival of Marketing is Coming



The Carnival of Marketing…to If you have case studies, interesting ideas, cool examples, things not to do, exposure for a product, please send them to me.

Show me your best of the four P’s: Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement!

Give me your best on Reach, Frequency, Awareness!

Explain your finest on Branding, on Advertising!

Present the best from your Marketing Department.


The Marketing Department


drawing by drew

1. Don’t submit an old post. The post needs to be from at least the past couple of weeks, and preference will be given to posts from the past week.

But if you have an old favorite, please send it to me — I’d like to see it for me, and maybe everyone else too.

2. Submit posts that are actionable. Tips that people can actually apply will almost always win out over abstract stuff. “How” beats “Why”.

Answering “So What?” always wins.

3. Submit posts that are complete.

Stand alone articles are best. A completed piece. Not a piece of a puzzle.

4. Don’t submit posts that are nothing more than a pitch. It’s possible to sell subtlety within a good, actionable post.

And if you’re not sure, submit it anyway. The easiest people to sell to are other sales guys…like me.

So. How does one submit an article for the carnival? Email me with your title, link & brief blurb before Sunday at 5pm. Carnivals will last for 1 week starting at 7pm on Sundays.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Are you interested Hosting the Carnival of Marketing? Email Noah, the originator at noah [at] with your website and which date you want to host the carnival.

Doug Sorocco with Rethink IP will be hosting after me on March 12th.

8 Rules for Dating my Daughters is the intellectual property of W. Bruce Cameron.

Remember, deadline for this week is 5pm EST this Sunday, March 5th.


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2 Responses

  1. Former Corn Chuckin' Champ says:


    I was more interested in “Ten Rules for Dating My Daughter”, than Marketing. They’re good and strict. I especially like the first one.

    However, I suggest changing “Dating” to “Courting”. Courting has been lost in our culture. ‘Courting’ brings to mind the prudish, puritan, Victorian era, which, by the way, isn’t a bad thing. ‘Prude’ means ‘One who is excessively concerned with being or appearing to be proper, modest, or righteous.’ Wow! Who behaves like that anymore?! Is there any law forbidding someone from being “excessively righteous” (Gal. 5:23)? Actually, our main-stream culture today belittles anyone that acts in a righteous manner, regardless of whether it’s true or false righteousness.

    Anyway, I can find only one rule in the Bible for determining who a Christian should marry. The principle is in 2 Corinthians 6:14. That’s it! People grumble about all the rules and regulations weighing them down and still they refuse to follow just ONE simple rule! Jesus called his generation “wicked”, “adulterous”, “perverse”, “unbelieving”, and “sinful”. Nothing’s really changed between then and now. I hope you will consider using the courting method for your daughters.



  2. Alan says:

    It’s was obvious but of course to have it written down will make it easier to use the rules.

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