Why Feminists Hate Sarah: Todd Palin, The New Brawny Man


palin_todd_sarah.jpgAlert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) teaches marketing at the Northern Virginia Community College.

Todd and Sarah Palin.

(This is the same College where James Carville has taught. I am not sure that this makes us “colleagues.”)


Todd Palin was recently on Greta Van Susteren. And talked about supporting his wife as mayor, governor and, soon, Vice President.

Todd Palin is the new Brawny Man.

The Georgia-Pacific paper company did a series of Brawny Man ads a few years ago. The target market is women — depicting the Real Man with Real Sensitivity.

Almost a mockery. But.

Certainly A Man With Appeal (to women…).

But this sells:

All Real Men, usually conservative men, want the women in their lives to succeed; to reach their full potential. And if there is a woman — daughter, wife, sister, mother with the potential for outstanding success, Real Dudes support them. As Todd Palin supports Sarah.

Every feminist now realizes that breaking the glass ceiling requires a First Dude Brawny Man to back her up. This will never happen to feminists — they really don’t care that much for men.

Todd Palin: First Dude, The New Brawny Man. Men who love their Women.


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For all of Carville’s faults, he loves Mary.


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    Does Palin pack heat?