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Your Business Professor enjoying an exotic snack in China

Your Business Professor enjoying an exotic snack
in China

Chinese Snacks in Chengdu Your Business Professor was looking for a bit to eat. Maybe some local flavor. In Chengdu, in the middle of China.

A traditional snack. I dropped into a small grocer and loaded up. Pringles, Oreos, washed down with a Coke. And Cheetos chaser.

Then I noticed something. As I looked down into my feed bag, I saw international brand names.

(Nothing escapes Your Business Blogger.)

Peter Drucker said that innovation and marketing were the only competitive advantages the USA needed.

The raw ingredients in Coke and Cheetos are commodities. Available anywhere. Cheap.

The real added value is in the marketing. From America.




Pepsi ad at The Temple of Heaven, Beijing


Wyeth formula ad in the Beijing subway






Starbucks at Beijing Airport

Starbucks at Beijing Airport



Coke bench ad in Chengdu, China



Narnia sidewalk poster, Chengdu



Narnia? In the Middle Kingdom?


Narnia at a theater near you, Chongqing, China



American marketing on the move.

Aslan’s on the move.

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Interested in Narnia? If you are near Glen Burnie, Maryland, be sure to come to the C S Lewis lecture Thursday nite.

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