Starbucks Coupon from China, Redeemed in Maryland


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Starbucks in China A well meaning friend gives me a gift certificate from Starbucks. While we were in Shanghai.

So I pack it home, thinking I would attempt to redeem in the US of A, then blog bad when Starbucks shirks.

[sigh]… lots of bad things to say about the liberal Starbucks. But not this time.

So. So me and my older boy barge into our local Starbucks, it was close — they built one in my front yard — and bark to see the manager.

A pleasant young lady, the smiling shift leader, the liberal-chirpie-communist looks at my certificate.

The traditional Chinese calligraphy is difficult to understand; the only thing legible (to us) is the Starbucks logo.

“I demand redemption,” I’m a-smirking.

She doesn’t stop smiling. Looking at the certificate, although confused, she says, “Yes.”

I’m crushed.

I give her the Full Disclosure about Your Business Blogger bashing Starbucks. I ask her a few questions.

Meagan, from Texas, was transferred with her Navy husband to Maryland.

(This is the only way Maryland gets any jobs. The only way Texas loses any employees.)

Anyway, I ask her why she took my scrip from Shanghai. “It’s our ‘Just Say Yes’ program. We want to make our customers happy.”

A simple procedure, a simple policy. The bigger the company, the broader the audience, the simpler the sound bite.

Not unlike Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No!” Meagan’s “Just Say Yes!”

Revealing a positive attitude and an effective training program. Starbucks will never need Your Business Blogger consultant. Not that they’d ever ask anyhoo.

I don’t think Meagan is a communist. Or even a liberal, married to a Navy guy from Texas and all.

We redeem the coupon for a creme based yummie frozen chocolate chip 12 oz for The Dude to celebrate his home run.

We leave happy. Darn it.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

So why boycott Starbucks? Following is a cross post from Charmaine from last April.

Color-coded Shopping: Starbucks, Out! Dunkin’ Donuts In!

As reported by Brenda Goodman in one of my favorite lefty business mags, Fast Company, there’s a new source for color-coding your shopping and coordinating your voting and your spending habits.

Check out and they’ve compiled the data on how corporate PAC’s and corporate leadership contributed in the last election cycle.

There’s bad news for conservative coffee drinkers: Starbucks, 100% Dem!! And what’s this betrayal from Bed, Bath and Beyond??

Sorry buyblue guys, you heard it here first: this cuts both ways.

No more Starbucks for this girl!

Is this what’s behind the left-wing war on Wal-Mart? Hey, two sides can play this game. If Wal-Mart or Sam’s don’t got it, we don’t need it — (with apologies to Garrison Keillor).


(For more on political color, see here: conservatives are the new progressives. . .)

Update 18 June 2005: Patterico’s Pontifications reviews the high cost of coffee: See-Dub: A Little Lattetudinarianism, Please

Update: Sean at The American Mind reminds us that coffee cost is de minimus. See Coffee is a Drop in the Bucket.

Update: Daniel W. Drezner questions assumptions in coffee cost in Which editor at the Washington Post owes Blaine Harden money?

Update July 13: AttaBoy points to a lefty humorous site where Starbucks is loved and WalMart hated.

see Basil’s Blog for a picnic.


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  1. Laura says:

    One of my favorite memories working at Starbucks:

    A man comes into the store, obviously homeless. He asks one of my partners (Starbucks speak for co-worker) if he could have some water to drink, because he had no money. She dips into the back to ask our assistant manager if she can give him whatever he wanted. She replied, Of course. And if this situation ever arises again, there’s no need to ask me if it’s okay..

    I can vouch that your gift certificate would have been good at any Starbucks location in the US.

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