Men Hunt; Women Shop



From Tom Peters! Dunkin Donuts Presentation

Men and women are different.



Your Business Blogger was looking over Charmaine’s shoulder as she was working on her dissertation. One of her findings was about how men and women used parental leave in the academy.


Here’s what was claimed: Here’s what happened:

When women took parental leave to care for a new born baby:

Women took care of the new born baby.

When men took parental leave to care for a new born baby:


Men worked on their research.

Charmaine thought: Men, taking unfair advantage of the system!

Jack thought: Men, taking care of business.

Charmaine thought: Women, taking leave to change diapers!

Jack thought: Women change diapers, I’m taking a nap.

There’s a gap in more than how we move around in the GAP.

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Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger has changed a diaper. Or two. Alert the media.

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