A Marine vs Morgan Fairchild


Charmaine has proof that men think differently than women. Or that Your Business Blogger is different. And a story on how an old teacher can make a old soldier do strange things. A cross post from Reasoned Audacity:

Jack has a hilarious post up entitled “Walking the Red Carpet in 7 Easy Steps.” I love the part where he points out the two tennis poles growing out of his and Chris Buckley’s heads. . .


Morgan Fairchild

My favorite story from the event comes from one of the pre-dinner parties. At one point I was standing next to a beautiful woman who turned, put out her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Morgan Fairchild.” Very friendly. I think I’m going to have to forgive her for being a Democrat.

We started to chat when I felt Jack pulling my elbow. “Come on. Quick,” he whispered.

I wondered what could possibly be pulling us away from chatting with. . .Morgan Fairchild. But ever the dutiful wife, I hurried away with him. . .


Lt. Gen. Bernard Trainor

“Hurry,” Jack says, a star-struck sound in his voice: “We’ve got to meet Bernie Trainor.”

Kid. You. Not.


Charmaine really thought this was funny. And certainly odd. But she understands the military mind…

Here is the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say. I had a Marine instructor at The Armor School, back in the days of the horse cavalry, whose name was Trainor. A mere Captain at the time who always won all the teaching awards. For good reason: I can still detail the functions of a coincidence range finder. I wanted to learn if the two Trainor’s were related or even the same man. They weren’t.

So I passed up Morgan for a Marine. A good teacher can have this kind of effect. Crazy devotion.


Mudville Gazette would get it. Visit Open Post and give congrats to Yankee Sailor.


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