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NRO has a tribute to the men and families of the USS Scorpion. A submarine lost during WWIII, the Cold War. Five Days in May:

Yolanda Mazzuchi was about the prettiest girl in our school class. Our dads were in the Navy, often gone for months at a time. And they would be welcomed home at dockside with cheers and homemade signs. These gatherings at the D&S Piers at the Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia, were a regular part of our lives growing up….

At 1 in the afternoon on Monday, May 27, 1968, at the height of the Cold War the USS Scorpion was due in port.

Yolanda didn’t know it then, but her dad was already dead….


Small Business Trends Small Business Trends was founded and is edited by Forbes Magazine Award Winner Anita Campbell. Please visit — my column appears on Tuesdays.

See: Two Perfect Job Candidates? Here’s How to Choose. Say you are interviewing a homosexual and a perfect heterosexual preppie. What factor would be key in your decision? The answer will surprise you in this controversial post:

Hiring is one of the most time consuming and agonizing responsibilities of the small business owner. We are often confronted with candidates with nearly identical categories of knowledge, skills and abilities.

How does the business owner pick just one? The one right person?…


Small Business Trends Radio
On Fridays, I have a column on Small Business Trends Radio. Be careful not to make the mistake I did investing ad dollars. Visit Marketing ROI; Radio vs. Milliondollarhomepage:

The first measure in marketing is return on investment. What sales were generated with which marketing campaign.

For small businesses — or even larger businesses — with limited marketing budgets, the demographics served by radio, podcasts and websites may produce the best sales per marketing dollar.

But the mediums must be considered carefully.

Radio has ratings numbers. Podcasts have down load numbers. Websites have pageviews.

Easy to compare….

Do visit and let me know what you think.


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  1. Tom McMahon says:

    The Loss of the USS Scorpion

    Congratulations to my blogroll buddy Jack Yoest for having his article published yesterday in National Review Online! Pretty neat, I’d say. Very sad subject, though, but quite appropriate for Memorial Day. An excerpt:Yolanda Mazzuchi was about the pret…

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