Victoria's Secret on Display


Cross post from Charmaine over at Reasoned Audacity. With another type of audacity. The coarse culture with coarse marketing. Or is it the other way around?

First, let me just state, that an extremely high percentage of the lingerie that I own [Charmaine’s post, remember] has a Victoria’s Secret label in it. I hesitate to reveal something so personal, but it’s not exactly a news flash: Victoria’s Secret is the lingerie colossus. They cornered the market on nice, but sexy underwear for American women.


So why go slutty? This picture (courtesy Andrea Lafferty) is from the window of a new Victoria’s Secret in Tyson’s Corner mall in Virginia. According to the Washington Post, this is part of a new national marketing campaign.

I’m very, very disappointed to see VS caving in to crudity. It’s just too easy to go sleazy.

But it’s a bad move for them. Competitors are easy to find.


Charmaine is right. As I travel to different countries studying business, the biggest difference I find is that Americans are demanding customers with little toleration for bad products. Or bad marketing.


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1 Response

  1. deana says:

    thats retarted.

    victoria secret is just hot stuff.

    dont be jelouse.