Lawyers and Good Books for the Middle Kingdom


When Charmaine attended the National Religous Broadcasters (NRB) tradeshow, she decided to help make a difference by making trouble with a book.

Books make a difference.

Especially the Good One. Look for the effect of those printed pages, especially with interesting developments in China. And it’s not just the utilitarian totalitarians preparing for the Beijing Olympics. On my visit to China, I learned how the legal profession was building a framework to speed international transactions. Growth is coming from the young.

And coming from the young new lawyers in East Asia. Yes lawyers. Heaven Forbid. It seems that the legal minds have been studying legal foundations in other cultures and traditions. End up studying Judeo-Christian concepts, then studying Jesus.

And come away with a new look on life.

Would that our lawyers here in the USA were so diligent.


With Bob Fu and Peggy Dau

Mailing a Bible to China! Following is a cross post from Reasoned Audacity and Bibles for China: Voice of the Martyrs.

One of the best parts of being at NRB is meeting some of the wonderful people in ministries represented here. The Voice of the Martyrs has a large booth here and they are offering NRB attendees the opportunity to mail a Bible to China.

I did one for each of my children — so I now have names of five people in China for our family to pray for.


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Stop by Voice of the Martyrs and learn more about the persecuted Church. . .and the Bibles Unbound program.


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