Ed Rollins vs. Mainstream America



Charmaine Yoest debates Giuliani’s

Presidential positions

Credit: Peter Shinn The other night Charmaine debated Ed Rollins on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. Ed was sounding like he was angling for a consulting gig on the Giuliani team.

It would be a short assignment.

Ed Rollins was the key strategist for Ronald Reagan.

During the debate Rollins claimed the Ronald Reagan high ground. Alert Readers will know that Charmaine also had the honor of working for President Reagan (in a more modest position).

Pro-choice Eliza, who blogs at Anderson Cooper 360 Review says,

Charmaine just flat out says Giuliani has no chance and then proceeds to twist the knife around a bit by proclaiming that with his views he should run against Hillary as a democrat.

Watch the short segment here and let me know what you think.


Ronald Reagan and Charmaine


Thank you (foot)notes: Charmaine worked in Presidential Personnel and was an intern for a real President.

Our friends at MediaMatters have input. And were very gracious to provide a link to our contact page.

Management Training Tip: You shouldn’t marry a homosexual, but you might wish to hire one.

UPDATE: MediaMatters has analysis and a gotcha.


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5 Responses

  1. Hargrave Mustletope says:


    I heard you say this on CNN: “Every single time there’s been a marriage initiative on the ballot across this country, it’s passed with over 70 percent of the popular vote.”

    That is false. Please review the recent Arizona vote and all the other votes and inform yourself. Please do not lie to further your agenda.

    Thank you

  2. Gregory Campbell says:

    On the November 14 edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Charmaine Yoest,

    vice president for communications at the Family Research Council, falsely

    claimed that “every single time there’s been a marriage initiative on the

    ballot across this country, it’s passed with over 70 percent of the popular

    vote.” In fact, according to CNN, in 2006 alone, ballot initiatives banning

    marriage rights for same-sex couples passed by over 70 percent of the

    popular vote in only two states — Tennessee (81 percent in favor to 19

    percent opposed) and South Carolina (78 percent in favor to 22 percent

    opposed) — of the eight in which they were on the ballot. Moreover, it is

    not true that “every single” initiative passed — the Arizona initiative

    failed altogether (51 percent to 49 percent).

    Colorado: 56 percent in favor, 44 percent opposed

    Idaho: 63 in favor, 37 opposed

    South Dakota: 52 in favor, 48 opposed

    Virginia: 57 in favor, 43 opposed

    Wisconsin: 59 in favor, 41 opposed

    This is from the Media Matters for America Web Site. Just want to make sure

    that you have your facts correct. Charmaine is spreading things that are

    not true on National Television.

  3. Charmaine says:

    Gregory, thanks for this – I did misspeak – shoot, I missed both the “on average” and “except Arizona.” Which, of course, I do know. I surely didn’t intend to mislead people.

    The correct statement is that, “every time a marriage amendment has passed in this country, it has done so with over 70% of the vote on average.” Or, I could have said, “with only one exception.” (The 7 amendments in this election averaged 61% – that brings the total for all that have passed to 70.)

    I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to correct the record since I didn’t notice the error – live tv moves pretty fast.

    Best, Charmaine

  4. Scott Ruffner says:

    Well, live TV does move pretty fast, and as every trial attorney knows – you can’t un-ring a bell.

    Please be sure to deep-six Guiliani – particularly since he isn’t a social-reactionary. That way we can be sure the middle keeps moving back to the Democrats.

    Whatever the percentages involved, in the states where the Marriage Amendments have passed, what will you have to do next to get reactionaries to turn out well at the polls? The trouble with winning these symbolic culture war victories is that it takes these GOTV issues off the table.

  5. Jack Yoest says:

    Scott, the middle doesn’t want gay marriage and doesn’t care for abortion.

    The issues win. RINO’s loose.

    Rudy G should indeed run for President — against Hillary…in the democratic primary.

    Thanks for commenting,


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