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Jamie Allman Your Business Blogger will be interviewed on the Fox radio affiliate in St. Louis, Missouri. Host Jamie Allman would like to talk about my experience as a “member” of the White House press corps at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.

But it wasn’t my first experience with the, well, habits of the White House press corp.


White Press Corps

Reserved Seating

Your Business Blogger

took the sign and

took a seat Charmaine and I were dating during her tenure in Reagan administration. She would often take me back to the White House press briefing room (built over Franklin Roosevelt’s swimming pool) to fetch a press release or some such.

I expected the press room to be as immaculate and awe-inspiring and dignified as the rest of the rooms at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But no.

The place was a dump. Yes, the podium and backdrop were spotless. But that was it. Trash was everywhere, waste cans overflowing. Cables, equipment and crumbs underfoot. I thought that the cleaning service was lax. (In the White House?) But no, they all, from Dan Rather on down lived in the squalor. The cleaning crew could barely keep up with the waste-management.

Those guys didn’t pick up after themselves.

They made a mess and depended upon others to clean up after them.

Things haven’t changed much from the 80’s. Which is why people read blogs today…

Hit time is Thursday 19 April at 7:45 CST – 8:45 am my time here in Eastern.

If you live around St. Louis, tune in and let us know what you think. If you are outside the area, not to worry:

Launch the Live Stream.

Join up and listen up. I did.


White House

Press Pass Credentials And learn what the White House press corps will never do.


White House Press, on left

covering President Bush

at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast


Thank you (foot)notes:

Host Jamie Allman is a 14 time Emmy winning and five time Edward R. Murrow winning TV reporter in St. Louis.


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