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Looking for a job? Vist College Students Advisor for a tutorial: Good News About Jumpstarting Your Job Search brought to you by the Carnival of the Job Search ~ 5th edition.

Carnival of the Capitalists is hosted this week by Gyaan Sutra. Must read for business leaders is Sunk costs: Know when to pull the plug, by Wayne Hurlbert;

When faced with a sunk cost situation, learn to identify it as an ongoing drain of company resources. If there is no possible remedy, cut the plan adrift, and start over with a new idea.

Your successful and creative company must understand sunk costs, and know when to pull the plug. Admit your mistakes, and move on to a different plan entirely. Your business success depends on it.

See Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office? Although I would like to see a bit more on negotiation skills for Women. At Carnival of Careers in Middle Age #2.

And drive on over to Ask Patty (about cars). Car Carnival. Cool. Read The Seven Biggest Driving Mistakes By Kristin Bailey Murphy


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