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Monkey Business ManagementHold the date — Friday, November 9th, 2007.

[Caution: Sales Pitch Follows…]

The William Oncken Corporation will be conducting The Managing Management Time ™ One-Day Seminar, in Arlington, Virginia.

Bill Oncken will explore the question, Can Managers Control Events?

Are you running out of time…while your staff runs out of work?

How can the leader get more discretionary management time?

If your management skills need to be sharpened — join us for the day.

WHO Managers who need to get in control of events or to better influence results

WHY Improve managerial effectiveness

WHAT Managing Management Time™.

WHEN Friday, November 9, 2007, 8am to 5pm

WHERE 901 N. Glebe Rd, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22203

FEE $595. Please make check payable to “The William Oncken Corporation”

Purchase Orders and credit cards accepted.

The seminar is often called “The Monkey Management Class”


Thank you (foot)notes:

For more propaganda, please see Managment Training of DC, LLC.

“Life in the business world’s fast lane, for me, would be inconceivable without knowing and applying the business philosophy expressed in Monkey Business,” Richard Viguerie

“Most recommendations you get about handling management are either useless or counter-productive. But in Monkey Business you get the best advice in the universe today,” Paul Weyrich

Morton Blackwell, President of The Leadership Institute, writes about Monkey Business and the seminar,

There are three types of laws.

Man-made laws, the result of human legislation, vary from place to place and time to time. Some are wise. Some are foolish. Some are destructive. Some are unworkable and can’t ever be enforced. Some only apply to specific categories of people…

We can build and fly an airplane, but we’d get into big trouble if we ignored or forgot the physical laws about how gravity affects all objects.

Similarly, there’s a wealth of hard-won, trial-and-error knowledge about the world of human endeavor. Some actions produce better results than others. Those who would lead others in any activity, from politics to business, should seek out and study the best sources of wisdom about what makes someone a successful leader…

Think deeply about the principles presented. Everything you hope to achieve in your current job and all future jobs may depend on your understanding and application of this wisdom.


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