The Obama Abortion Marketing Machine


Your Business Blogger(R) teaches business, marketing and management at the local college.

I like to remind students and clients that the hardest product to sell is an intangible, an idea. The easier product to pitch has tangible characteristics — it has a form that can be introduced through the senses, a product that can be seen and touched.

sonogram_side_by_side.jpgOne of the most interesting marketing campaigns of the century is the promotion of abortion as ‘choice’ and ‘reproductive freedom.’

And for many, abortion has become a vote-changing issue during the current presidential campaign.

To learn more about this interesting abortion-vote market segment, I stepped out of the DC summer heat in Your Nation’s Capital and sat in on an off-the-record meeting on abortion polling data for battle ground states.

The confidential numbers revealed that 57% of the public was self-identified as Pro-Life.

This raised two marketing questions:

1) Why is Obama still actively embracing an abortion position? And,

2) How did the country move from supporting abortion rights to Pro-Life?

I was curious about the Obama Abortion Marketing Machine. He is in favor of abortion and in denying medical treatment of some infants born alive. He aggressively supports the feminist’s power position of control of a mother over her baby.

Power is an intangible and intangibles are normally a ‘difficult sell’ as we old sales guys are wont to say. It seems odd that any seller of public policy would take pride in working this hard.

But this intangible is what has sold in the past — a woman’s complete control over her body and absolute power over her destiny, even if this meant killing her unborn baby. Power sells and people will pay most anything to get it, use it and to project the appearance of power.

It was absolute power. And Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But it was not Lord Acton’s theorem that changed the mind of the American public. It was a picture. Or rather two pictures:

A) If a woman sees a picture, a sonogram of her baby, she will not have an abortion.

B) The Chicago hospital room where babies can be left to die.

Nurse Jill Stanek has the story and original reporting of the Chicago hospital’s “abortion_born_alive_comfort_room_stanek.jpgComfort Room” where babies born alive are left to die without medical intervention. She has more pictures.

Polite society might call this ‘infanticide.’ Calling the venue a “Comfort Room” is clever marketing. Like “Pro-Choice.” A case study on word framing to sell. Brilliant.

But the new pictures are powerful images that can now sell the product: a child.

The tangible child is trumping the intangible power.

This provides a clear choice this presidential election between a women’s power and a person’s right to life.

McCain is Pro-Life.

Obama has a clear pro-abortion position: He would sign the Planned Parenthood backed Freedom of Choice Act which codifies Roe v Wade:


Thank you (foot)notes:

Bill Bennett and Jill Stanek on Obama Abortion

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6 Responses

  1. Ward says:

    good info Jack….thanks for sending.


  2. Joe G says:


    Thank you, it is imperative to reveal Obama’s policy and voting positions on this super important issue, as well as other issues, to as many people as possible. The media totally ignores his record. Thanks to God for you taking this on.

    It is shocking how many “Christians” are supporting Obama. We must pray that the truth comes out.


  3. Jack says:

    Joe, you are right: the Main Stream Media is a wholly owned/powned subsidiary of the Obama Abortion Machine.

    It will be a challenge to get any coverage of Obama’s Abortion and Homosexual Agenda — except thru the blogosphere.

    Thanks for commenting,


  4. Steve says:

    Obama strikes me as one of the most liberal candidates for president this country has EVER encountered.

  5. Steve says:

    I notice you like to write about Obama frequently, I thought you might be interested in writing/commenting on this:

    Obama Parody Video!

    Video makes fun of Obama Girl in a very campy way….

    It’s gotten thousands of views on youtube in a very short time!

  6. Patrick says:

    Hi Jack and Charmaine,

    I just read the posting about Obama indicating that he supports letting born children die without medical treatment. I would like to volunteer with an organization that is dedicated to public awareness to help continue to change the tide in America. Do you know if such a marketing organization exists? I’m not interested in lobbying on the Hill but ways to get important information to the general public. I’m in the DC area and would love to meet with you or I would appreciate any thoughts or directions that you could pass my way. Thank you for the obvious excellent and dedicated work that you are doing.