Obama & Abortion: A Literature Review


obama_thumbs_up.jpgYour Business Blogger(R) has noted that Obama was a law professor for some 12 years and had published no articles, no record of advancing scholarship in peer review journals.

I was wrong.

B.Obama has indeed published an article on, what else?


LifeNews.com Editor Steven Ertelt writes in Barack Obama’s Sole Article in Harvard Law Review Promotes Abortion,

Obama considered a parenthetical abortion issue — whether unborn children have a legal right to sue their mothers for damage sustained during pregnancy, from such things as alcohol or illegal drugs.

Obama says no and writes supportively of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case and another from the Illinois Supreme Court saying no such right exists.

According to Politico, Obama wrote: “[T]he case raises the broader policy and constitutional considerations that argue against using civil liability to control the behavior of pregnant women.”

In a discussion of abortion itself, Obama wrote that government has more important business than “ensuring that any particular fetus is born.”

He also decried any limits on abortion, saying the government has an interest in “preventing increasing numbers of children from being born in to lives of pain and despair.”

Obama here uses the quality of life argument to end the life of a baby. This is the arrogance of the elite to determine what person might have a life of “pain and despair.”

Obama’s position reminds us that abortion-friendly politicians can make our society “better” by pre-emptively eliminating any person who might have, or maybe cause, “despair.”

Any imperfection can be eliminated. This is why we seldom see a child with Down Syndrome. An ObamaNation would not want to be “burdened” by such citizens.

And we are a poorer nation for it.

For every 14 babies born with Down Syndrome, 146 are aborted. See Down Syndrome. . . and the Value of Life


Alert Reader David, sends us The ObamaNation Tour,


Update: My DD, no friend of conservative pro-lifers offers, an insightful review of Barack Obama’s votes on infants born alive, On “Live Birth Abortion” The Candidates Differ,

by susanhu, Mon Dec 17, 2007 at 04:48:16 PM EST

Like most Americans and the Democratic presidential candidates, I am pro-choice although I believe the first defense against unwanted pregnancy, and STDs, is prevention. (Today’s Washington Post reveals that the “best-kept secret” for AIDS prevention in Africa is birth control, not giving antiretroviral drugs to pregnant women. And, notably, Africa is but one of the continents where First Lady Hillary Clinton worked hard for eight years for women’s rights and economic empowerment.)

There is a compelling moral exception: A fetus born alive during an abortion becomes an infant, and shouldn’t be left for hours or days to die without medical care, a practice in some U.S. hospitals.

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama differ markedly in their voting records on the live birth of an aborted infant.

As an Illinois state senator, Obama “joined several other Democrats in voting ‘present’ in 2001 and ‘no’ the next year,” reports A.P./CBS News in “Obama Record May Be Gold Mine For Critics — Eight Years As State Senator Were Full Of Controversial Votes, Including Abortion And Gun Control.”

During the same two years, as a U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton joined the 98-0 vote in the U.S. Senate on a 2001 amendment to the Patients Bill of Rights that protected “infants who are born alive.”

In 2002, a House bill that protected infants born alive was passed by unanimous consent in the U.S. Senate — with Sen. Clinton joining the “Yeas” — and was signed into law.

If you think what Karl Rove did to John McCain in South Carolina’s 2000 primary was brutal, just imagine what the GOP will do with Obama’s “present” and “no” votes on “live birth abortion.”

susanhu gets this right. Obama voted to allow infants born alive to die. McCain wants these babies to live. America deserves a president who will protect the rights of all citizens born in the USA: John McCain.

However, susahu should be reminded that a fetus born alive is called a “baby.”


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2 Responses

  1. JH says:

    How can the abortionists heart be so hardened to know what the killings is doing to our souls.

    Have we turned into monsters? How are we different from the N@zis?

  2. Joan P Lynch says:

    AFter living in the former soviet union for over a dozen years. My skin crawls everytime I hear this guy, ( Obama ) speak. It sounds like the communist dogma I heard over there.

    While studying the language in their university one time our class was moved to a room ( one that had heat- we literally frozed every day)

    This classroom was their ‘Darwin’ ‘Evolution’ room

    with various charts and bulletins on the walls. I after being assigned to my seat asked to move my seat when I realized that on the ‘display’ next to me was a human fetus aborted child in a large glass jar. I later found out living and working in this part of the world that in-humane treatment was not only reserved for the unborn but in every strata of their society I saw in humane treatment to all, bar none. Let us not forget that once a society throws out God and His principles – Love and humane treatment go out with it. Abortion is just one fruit of the lack of love in a person’s or nation’s conscience.


    Mrs. Joan P Lynch