Media Alert: Charmaine Debates Eleanor Smeal on Abortion in U.K.; CNN International, & Family Guy


Charmaine recently debated Eleanor Smeal from the Feminist Majority Foundation on Abortion restrictions in the United Kingdom.

Alert Readers will note that the CNN International host identified Charmaine as Pro-Life. Something that never happens on this side of the pond.

The host did get a bit confused about fetus and baby. Impossible for the abortion supporter to say “baby” or “mother.”

This debate becomes important here in US of A because of Obama’s promise to eliminate parental notification state laws and any waiting periods. Obama does not want to regular the clinical cleanliness of abortion facilities.

The GOP is the party of life. Obama is the party of death.

Charmaine is now president and CEO of Americans United for Life.


This is a media war: abortion vs pro-life; liberal vs conservative; Obama vs McCain.

So. Your Business Blogger(R) homestead watched Family Guy last night.

We wanted to follow-up on the Fast Company article by Josh Dean on the Seth MacFarlane success and his $100 million deal with FOX.

The episode: Stewie, the British-accented baby and Brian the talking dog time travel back to September 1, 1939 when N@zi Germany invaded Poland. Stewie and Brian end up in Storm Trooper uniforms…with a McCain-Palin campaign button.


But this speaks to the projection the liberals make of their world view.

Conservative politicians want to protect life. Liberals want abortion, euthanasia, denial of care.

Conservative politicians want people to keep their own money. Liberals want high taxes and your money.

Conservatives want abortion clinics regulated. Liberals want home schoolers regulated

Conservatives want to be left alone. Liberals demand power and intrusion.

Is it possible that the H!tler Youth of the 1930’s might be more comfortable in today’s Party of Death than with the Rascally Republicans?

Liberals have abortion clinics to get rid of unwanted life. The National Socialists had gas ovens to get rid of unwanted life.

Not that there is any connection…


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  1. Michele says:

    Go Charmaine! You were awesome!