Obama Bigots Vandalize McCain Yard Signs


Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine came home late yesterday and installed a McCain Campaign sign near our house.

“It won’t last the night,” I predicted to the wife.

“Nonsense,” she says, “Not in this neighborhood.”

obama_mccain_sign_vandal.pngIt is a polite, liberal part of Arlington, Virginia. Full of Bush-haters, anti-war, big-government tax and spend socialists. Nice people, as Democrats go.

Our friends.

Note wire where McCain sign once was.

But there were Brown Shirts among us.

The McCain sign didn’t last the night.

About the only time Charmaine has been wrong. It doesn’t happen much.

obama_mccain_sign_vandal_yoest_repair.png Your Business Blogger(R) repairing McCain Campaign sign.

Photo Credit: The Dreamer

The Alert Reader will notice the Obama signage untouched.

Maybe Republicans are the polite party. The party of life

And Democrats are the party of death. The party of the Brown Shirts.


Charmaine and I had lunch yesterday with Karl Rove and a few friends to support the work of the Susan B. Anthony List. Rove is a pro.

He reminds us that this is a close race — two points — and the good-guys will prevail, barely.

If we can keep our hopes up. As well as our signs.


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3 Responses

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    I’ve had five McCain/Palin stickers defaced on my car since school began. But my Dan Gurney for President sticker has never been touched. Luckily no one has decided to key the paint or puncture a tire, yet.

    The very weird thing is that a couple of the AP Governemt kids did an anonymous survey of the faculty and adminstration and surprisingly found that over half were planning on voting for McCain, this is still Orange County after all. But it is still not safe to put the dreaded mark of M on the bumper.

  2. I’m a liberal and proud of it, and for Obama. However,in no way do I condone acts of vandalism against McCain/Palin stickers, or any kind of hooligan style behavior on the part of Obama supporters. These actions are not at all typical of Obama supporters.

    And although I thoroughly disapprove of George W Bush’es social and economic policies, and the terrible things he has done with good intentions, I do not hate him;

    just what he has done.

  3. Jack Yoest says:

    Robert, I am sure that not all Obama supporters are hooligans. But I don’t believe that any conservative hacked into Obama’s computer. And no one is hanging Obama in effigy.

    Can you even imagine?

    Thank you for your measured comment,


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