Tell Obama To Stop Supporting FOCA


Charmaine sent this out to a few hundred thousand of her closest friends. Please sign the FightFOCA petition today.


Tell Obama To Stop Supporting FOCA

Pro-abortion forces have given President-elect Obama 55 pages of instructions on what to do when he becomes President. A top priority? The “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA).

Some insist FOCA isn’t a real threat, that we can stop it easily. But that’s not what pro-life leaders on Capitol Hill are saying.

Last week, I was in a meeting with Representative Mike Pence of Indiana — one of the key incoming House leaders — and he listed FOCA as one of the top four threats he sees in the next few months.

The Obama transition website has posted the 55-page pro-abortion marching order and opened it up for comment.

Let’s tell him to ignore it.

Click here to ask President-elect Obama to stop supporting FOCA. FOCA would eliminate every abortion-related law nationwide — even common-sense laws that protect women and minors — and force us to pay for the radical pro-abortion agenda with our tax dollars.

We can do it!

May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas.


Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Americans United for Life Action

P.S. — The fight against FOCA is just beginning. Please forward this email to friends and family members who can help us Fight FOCA. And please consider making an end-of-year contribution to help us tell even more people about the dangers of FOCA.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

As of tonight, Monday nite, there are almost 700 comments on Obama’s website — most comments look to be pro-life against FOCA. Tell Obama To Stop FOCA and protect our little girls.

See Involving the Parents by Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO.

See “Right of Conscience” Rule Passed. What’s Next? By Anna Boyd

Brad Feld writes,

As I work my way through Vonnegut, my inner cynic is rewarded with gems from 40 years ago. For example:

Kilgore Trout (near the end of the book): “The problem is this: How to love people who have no use? In time, almost all men and women will become worthless as producers of goods, food, services, and more machines, as sources of practical ideas in the areas of economics, engineering, and probably medicine, too. So – if we can’t find reasons and methods for treasuring human beings because they are human beings, then we might as well, as has so often been suggested, rub them out.”

Don’t try to understand it – it won’t really make any sense without the context of the rest of the book. But – if you want a good jolt, read the book. One thing is for certain: Vonnegut knows how to string words together in a magical way.

Brad is a hi-tech, very bright, successful entrepreneur from Colorado. He supports abortion on demand: Abortion anytime for any reason; we might as well, as has so often been suggested, rub them out… Liberals are not logical.


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8 Responses

  1. Walter Hayes says:

    Merry Christmas! This of course is really Happy Birthday!

    And may there be even more Happy Birthdays in 2009!

    The election of Cong. Pence and Cantor to house GOP leadership is a great present for conservatives

    and conservative issues.

    What does Mike Pence see as the other top three threats?

    While Republicans were losing in VA, IND, & N.Car., conservative issues won in California of all places due in large part to minorities who vote liberal due to race baiting and fear mongering; but are conservative on a number of issues.

    Our conservative message is gold; we need more silver throated messengers to continue to get our message out in the fashion of the great Ronald Reagan.

    We don’t want to compromise our core beliefs for the sake of raw numbers. We need to reach out as Reagan did to folks who are officially moderates and liberals but share core conservative values even if they tend to vote differently out of habit or fear.

    AUL is doing a great job.

  2. SoMG says:

    Goooood luck. Obama has everything to gain by passing FOCA. It will establish him as someone who means what he says. His friends will rejoice in his smile and his enemies will tremble at his frown. The payoff will swamp the investment in political capital. Any honest right-winger from Machiavelli to Pat Buchanan to Carl Rove would say the same. What does he have to lose? Right-to-Lifers in general and the Catholic Church Hierarchy in particular declared war against him more than a year ago and their prosecution of their war has been limited only by fear of losing tax-exempt status and after the election by not knowing how vengeful he might turn out to be. He has nothing to lose.

    I count a filibuster-proof pro-FOCA majority in the Senate. Fifty-seven Dems, plus two Independents, minus RTL Dem Casey, plus three pro-choice Republicans makes sixty-one and that’s assuming the scheisskopf beats the clown in Minnesota which doesn’t look so likely given that if the recount’s too close the US Senate decides. If that happens, I will send money to any Senator who says the following on the Senate floor: “I believe that Coleman almost certainly won. If I were deciding on the merits of the case I’d vote for Coleman. But in accordance with the precedent established by the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore, I am basing my vote on my party affiliation, not on the merits of the case.” If he then blew a raspberry at the camera I’d double my contribution.

    My prediction about FOCA: with great pomp and circumstance (to coin a phrase) the Congress will amend FOCA to specify that it doesn’t mean Catholic hospitals have to refer for abortions in order to get paid by the government. That’s the most likely interpretation anyway–the Act forbids governments, not the providers paid by the governments, from discriminating against (or for) abortion. If your client gets an equal choice between a Catholic hospital that doesn’t do abortions, and an abortion clinic that doesn’t do live births, you’re not discriminating, right? But they’ll write it in explicitly. Then the GOP will take credit for saving the Catholics from abortion, the Dems will take credit for being reasonable in victory (much more so than the Republicans were), women in the armed forces will be able to get abortions without going off site which it’s very stupid for them to have to do. Everybody will win. Right-to-lifers will rejoice in new Federal protection for the right to refuse abortion and grow your pregnancy, which will be increasingly important as we continue our ongoing transfer to government health care and government acquires a greater interest in aborting problem pregnancies.

  3. SoMG says:

    Parental Consent: Yes, if my twelve-year-old kid gets pregnant and thinks she wants to grow the pregnancy and have a baby she should definitely need my consent. Which she would not get. Much too hazardous for her and I’m the one who’s gonna pay the bills. I should definitely be able to force her to have an abortion. So I support parental consent laws.

    It’s not clear whether FOCA would apply to minors at all. It says “women”, not “girls” and not “females”. I don’t know how the courts interpret that word in this kind of context. Needless to say if it doesn’t apply to minors it won’t affect parental consent laws. If it does apply to minors, it’ll protect a minor who wants to keep the pregnancy from being forced by her parents to have an abortion instead. Either way it’s a win for RTL.

    The RTLs hated FACE too, yapped about free speech and criminalizing religion. Now they love it for protecting their churches, and for mostly de-terrorist-izing right-to-lifism.

  4. Jack Yoest says:

    Walter, thank you for your kind words. Reagan had content, commitment from his personnel and the ability to communicate.

    So you are correct — Pro-Lifers will need to continue to make a winsome argument.


    Jack (and Charmaine)

  5. Jack Yoest says:

    SoMG, you are close to the truth.

    1) A baby will grow with or with out the mother’s consent. But the baby needs the mother’s consent to live. It would appear that a grandchild of yours might need your consent also.

    2) An 18 year old female is emancipated and is of age and can make her own decisions to rid the world of her baby. Not a good idea, but FOCA would still affect her in other ways. For example, the abortion clinic would not have to conform to hospital standards for medical procedures. The surgeon would not have to be a doctor. Under FOCA, abortion would not be ‘safe.’ (Abortion was, of course, never ‘safe’ for your grandchild.)

    3) Your third point is also important. The Catholic Church has decided that freedom of conscience for healthcare providers must apply everywhere or it will be incrementally destroyed. The Catholic Health System will not be a “walled garden” for conscientious objectors. The entire country has a right to freedom of conscience. That’s that right to liberty thing in the Declaration of Independence, right after the right to life. Liberals ought to read it. That will, indeed, be a Change for them…

    Thank you for your insight,

    Jack (and Charmaine)

    PS Please let us know when you have those grandchildren — those that survive. I’m told that the grand-kids are the most fun. Like the bumper sticker says, “If I knew grandchildren were so much fun, I’d had them first.”

  6. Jack Yoest says:

    SoMG, Abortion is the sacrament of the party of death, and the forces of evil-death dealing are powerfully arrayed against the Lifers!

    My money’s on the good-guys. The Little Guys. Helping the Little Guys would be the Real Change We Can Believe In!

    American Loves An Underdog.


    Jack (and Charmaine)

  7. SoMG says:

    Jack and Charmaine, you wrote: “For example, the abortion clinic would not have to conform to hospital standards for medical procedures.”

    Good! Abortion clinics should not have to conform to hospital standards. Making them do so would be a waste of money. Except for special cases, which the clinics usually refer out anyway, abortions are way too easy and safe to need hospital standards. That’s why we have clinics in the first place! If we needed hospital standards we’d already be doing abortions in hospitals.

    You wrote: “[Under FOCA] the surgeon would not have to be a doctor. ”

    Lie lie lie. (I’m not calling you liars because you could be unwittingly repeating someone else’s lie.) FOCA doesn’t say anything at all about who would be allowed to do abortions.

    As it happens, I am predicting that ten years from now the majority of abortions in USA will be done by certified physicians’ assistants under supervision by docs. (They will be suction abortions with no metal instruments or sharp edges.) It’s been going on in Vermont since the 1970s and despite intense scrutiny no one has ever documented any difference in frequency or severity of complications between the docs and their trainees. That’s because ** NEWSFLASH ** first-trimester abortions are just not very difficult to do safely! You pretty much just need to know how to avoid the big errors. Nature is on your side–the natural flow of things in utero is down and outwards, and the uterus is a muscular organ which can rapidly heal from being poked. So far RTLs have managed to tie it up in Arizona but it’ll catch on soon and spread rapidly. But, it won’t have anything to do with FOCA.

    I’m on the side of the little guys too. I’ll support any measure to help them, provided it doesn’t involve violating someone else’s rights.

  8. Ana Sarai says:

    Hi, my name is Ana Sari Munoz Ayala. I am thirteen years old and i am against FOCA. the reason for this is that we already have the freedom for minors to do abortion without the parent/ guardian knowing I mean why make it any worse? think about all the babies that are being killed. do you even know what its like? I bet you don’t know what they go through, the pain! what is there no sympathy anymore? And please don’t you for one second think/ say that the baby doesn’t know because its not alive! WRONG! when the mother first receives the little seed, from that moment you are considered a living thing! What if your own mother ( when you were in the stomach) said you know what? I don’t want this baby i ,don’t need this baby. Kill it!! besides its just a piece of meat write? That is what the doctors now a days are saying, that its just a ball of meat!! You could have not even existed! Thank your mother that back then the days were not that tough. Tell me something, have you ever really thought of the decisions that you are taking? All the risks? All the life’s? What is it that you Promote? think about it? I truly don’t know what your faith is or if you even have one? But mine is believing in a god. And if you promote that, he will forgive you like he did with the people who crucified him. Please think of What you are doing? There is a lot of pressure, and i understand that very well. So many teens that do things that they regret the next day i know how that is. They want legal abortions so that the parent would never know what they did?Its there fault, they got them selves into that mess did int they? And killing some one for what they did is totally WRONG!! Many people support this and a few like me DONT!!! They out number us. Thats not fair is it? they don’t know how the baby looks when they take it out before time. Well I do because I saw a documentary of abortions and I cried a lot. I bet if you show that to people they would change their minds quickly. You should see it. In my school Cerro Villa, they tell me about it, and of how we should support it. Well I don’t.!! I respect them, they should respect me as well. Not to be rude or anything but have you ever seen an abortion been done before? Do you see how they come out? little arms, legs, eyes, and body parts just being thrown away!!! As if they were nothing but garbage!! I really don’t know if this will help you realize something. But at least I did my part on trying, and I’m proud of that. And remember I wont give up.!