Our Visit With President Bush


President Bush is leaving office and has kept our country safe as the commander-in-chief for eight years. We have not been attacked on USA soil since 9.11.01.

I’m not sure anyone has thanked George Bush.

bush_george_laura_charmaine_jack_yoest_2008.jpgSo Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine dropped by the White House over the Christmas Holidays to thank President Bush. We wanted him to know that someone appreciated his work.

Charmaine thanked Bush saying that we hoped history would remember him well.

“Thank you,” he said smiling, “But I really don’t care who gets the credit.” He actually meant it.


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3 Responses

  1. Cool that you had that opportunity!

  2. Thank you for doing that for the millions of us who couldn’t. After praying through the election debacle in 2000, I just HAD to attend President Bush’s Inauguration and see the adults regain control of Washington after the shameful Clinton years.

    Now we have to let President Bush know how much we appreciate his sincerity, his pro-life efforts,and his keeping terrorists OUT of the USA.

    God bless President Bush.

    I will miss him.

  3. C. Rich says:

    I will miss him as well. I’ve tried to be ballanced with my writing on his two terms. We should look at him with truthful eyes.