Rights of Conscience for Pro-Life Supporters


Americans United for Life is a public interest law firm that works to protect life in law.

AUL also works to protect the freedom of conscience of health care providers.

And the freedom of conscience of school-age children.

Alert Readers will recall the trauma inflicted on The Diva caused by our union-backed local elementary school. Watch her tell her story of harassment in her own words:

Student harassed for Pro-Life T-Shirt See AUL’s overview and philosophy of Rights of Conscience,

Healthcare Rights of Conscience Overview

“Legal protection for healthcare freedom of conscience affirms the need to provide quality care to patients, but also acknowledges that certain demands of patients, usually for procedures that are life-destructive and not life-saving, must not be blindly accommodated to the detriment of the rights of healthcare providers. Individuals and institutions do not lose their right to exercise their moral and religious beliefs and consciences once they decide to enter the healthcare profession.

Those who oppose laws protecting freedom of conscience, primarily pro-abortion advocates and groups, increasingly couch their arguments with references to women’s right to healthcare access (including access to contraception) and seek to compel providers to act in violation of their consciences. However, the use of the term “access” is a red herring, as there is no real problem, when a conscientious objection is made, with a patient going to another (willing) healthcare provider for service.”

It is not certain that the Sotomayor “empathy” would extend to The Diva.


Join Fight FOCA See original post Pro-Life Student Forced to Remove T-Shirt

Thank you (foot)notes:

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Potomac Flacks: Producer for Lars Larson Named Communications, By Matt Mackowiak

Heather Smith has been hired as Director of Communications at Americans United for Life. Smith most recently was a producer for “The Lars Larson Show,” a nationally-syndicated radio program. (CQ’s “People on the Move” column)

No, Matt did not link to the AUL press release.

Americans United for Life Launches New Website: Sotomayor411.com,

Americans United for Life will be alerting the public about the Pro-Abortion-Choice affinities of Sotomayor and the abortion agenda of president Obama. AUL has published a new website www.Sotomayor411.com .

Pelican Project Pro-Life

Funding to Promote Abortion, By SBrinkmann,

Also responding to the vote was Charmaine Yost, Ph.D., president and CEO of Americans United for Life . “If this act becomes law, it will be a grave injustice to women around the world,” Yost said.



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