Management Training Notes
Session Two
Conducted at AUL April 4, 2014


Management Training                   Session #2           11am to 1pm     4 April 2014

Jack Yoest                     

Success is finding out what the boss wants then over-deliver, Jack Welsh

Topic: How does being a good Follower make a good Leader?

Goal:  Calm a nervous boss.  Get him promoted.




________________________________ sets priorities.


Authority is the _________________________ to direct others.

Power is the ability to __________________________ others.

Your manager has authority but may not have power.

Discipline is the prompt ___________________ to orders or the ______________________of appropriate action in the absence of orders

Execution = X

Over-deliver = X+1

Your manager has two great fears about YOU:




Bum Phillips coach of the Houston Oilers noted two kinds of football players who aren’t worth a [darn]:

1) Those who _______________ _______ exactly what they’re told

2) Those who ______ exactly what they’re told


Commander’s intent.  “_______?” is more important than “_________?” or “__________?”


McGregor (MIT 1960)

Theory X _______________________ motivated

Theory Y _______________________ motivated


Types of Followers (HBR 1988)


________________ Need a shepherd, do what they are told with constant supervision


_____ – ________ Blind, unquestioning followers


__________________ Wait in background for a majority consensus


________________ Negative, critical disrupters, on another planet, Question Authority


____________ Positive, active, independent THINK-ers


The Star knows: When does the ____________ ends and the ___________________begins?


The dividing line is when the boss makes a ________________________.


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