January 8; See and Succeed
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8 January

Son of man, the house of Israel is saying,

‘The vision he sees is for many years from now,

and he prophesies about the distant future.’

Ezekiel 12:27

See and Succeed


In 1975 it was a big, simple vision. Get a computer in the hands of everyday people. The visionary entrepreneur sold his prized VW minibus for seed capital. Then he started the company in his now-empty garage.

The new small computer on every desk top would (em)power the individual and would produce unimaginable, unbelievable efficiencies. His vision changed the business and delivery of information and entertainment. His company is literally putting hand-sized computers into the pockets of Everyman.

Apple founder Steve Jobs was able to see years over the horizon. Where IBM thought only a few computers would ever be needed in the entire world, Jobs was thinking bigger—and smaller. Apple sales hit $200 million in the late 70’s. And now over half of all American households own an Apple product.

But for Jobs it was never about the money—it was the mindset. His dream was a personal micro-computer for every person.

Steve Jobs’ vision was counter-intuitive and counter-cultural. And he was not afraid to have some fun at the expense of traditional convention.

The company logo was an apple with a bite taken. The designer of the logo, Rob Janoff, says that he put the bite there so that the image would be scalable, and always look like an apple at any size.

But creation myths soon arose. One story said the image had been designed as a reference to the Garden of Eden and the knowledge of good and evil. Another claimed the image was not Eve’s apple bite but a visual play on ‘byte.’ Jobs himself, wisely, remained silent on the truth, allowing romantic founding myths to grow.

He was an irreverent marketing genius setting the first Apple price at $666.

John Adams, the second president of the United States encouraged always keeping a book handy. He once said, “You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket.”

Today, you are never alone with the Internet and an iPhone in your pocket. Thanks to the vision of Steve Jobs.

Each CEO needs to see where her business should be in 25 years. Just like the prophet Ezekiel says in 12:27, Son of man, the house of Israel is saying, ‘The vision he sees is for many years from now, and he prophesies about the distant future.’

“We started out to get a computer in the hands of everyday people,” said Steve Jobs, “and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”



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24 Responses

  1. Zarima Greco says:

    Our lives are nothing without technology and the internet. The internet is forever and so is the growth of technology. I would agree with Steve Jobs simple vision to put a computer in the hands of everyday people. A computer opens endless possibilities and opportunities. My parents grew up without having computers till they were in college; meanwhile, we all have mini computers in our back pockets. Steve Jobs vision is still growing. I wonder how much faster, smaller, thinner and better the next “computer” will be.

  2. John Egizi says:

    It is crazy to me how far we have come in just 30-40 years. Most of America now represents the apple logo on their phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and even iPods, (those who still use them). Steve Jobs was incredibly successful in sharing his knowledge and ideas as his product which once seemed crazy is now extremely well known and one of the most successful businesses on earth. Apple is more than a business, it is a culture. They are involved in entertainment, technology health and over all lifestyle. Pretty amazing to think such an incredible platform started in someone’s garage, and built off the seed money of a VW van.

  3. Andrea Perez-Hickman says:

    This text was very interesting and insightful. It makes one think about what they want to achieve in not just in 5 years but in 20 and work on achieving that. Although, I believe it is easier said than done. I can say I want to be a CEO of a major company 25 years down the line but never actually do it. It amazes me that something that we thought was impossible like the concept of everyone owning a computer 30 years ago is a reality and that someone like Steve Jobs saw this that long ago and was able to achieve that goal. I also think that this is the mind entrepreneurs must have because if they did not believe in these seemingly impossible goals then there would never be innovation.

  4. Gregory Holodak says:

    The marketing idea of putting a bite in the apple is interesting. It not only has a practical application, but it also created talk and debate on what meaning the bite out of the apple could have, whether it was Eve’s doing or a metaphorical byte. No matter what stance someone took on the meaning they are still talking about the logo. This ingenious design created a buzz around the tech giant and only increased their reach in the market

  5. Paige Melley says:

    Apple revolutionized how we think of computers today. With the mindset computers first, money second, Apple was able to put computers into the hands of just about everyone. Something I found particularly interesting was the theories behind the Apple logo. Branding is such a huge part of business today but I have never questioned that myself. It just shows a different perspective and way of looking at things. In a society where we all carry smart phones and have information at our finger tips, it is truly amazing to see how far computers and technology have come and I look forward to seeing how it will grow in the future.

  6. Eva Leo says:

    This reading is eye opening in the sense of seeing how far the technology world has come. The goal to put a computer in the hands of every person a few decades ago seemed like a far fetched idea then. Now, the goal has been reached above and beyond expectations. The idea of an apple being the logo is something that I never thought about, but it really is influential as their brand in many possible ways, it makes them stand out and catch possible customers eyes. Through intense innovation, this company has started from a strong platform to a thriving international business.

  7. Hayley Johnson says:

    Aside from Apple Inc.’s success in the years and what it has done to revolutionize our daily lives, the company has proven that the marketing of a product plays a vital role in the company’s livelihood. The bitten-into apple logo was a unique icon to pair with an electronic device and unlike any other brand’s. Another form of branding that oftentimes goes unnoticed is the constant occurrence of Apple Inc. employees replicating Job’s habit of wearing the same sweater during any public appearance in order to pare down decisions. Lastly, a marketing appeal to pathos to allows the consumer to feel a sense of satisfaction when opening the vacuum-sealed box of any Apple Inc. product. Beginning with the simple logo of the bitten apple, Apple Inc.’s marketing techniques are simply a masterpiece!

  8. Joseph Cihak says:

    It’s sad to read this article and then take a look at what has become of Apple today. While they still have incredible amounts of reserve cash, and have tremendous sales in the United States, they seem to be lacking the innovation coming out of other tech companies. Every apple release is just the next one in line (IPhone 6 to IPhone 7 and so on). I would attribute the staleness of Apple products to the death of this visionary described in the article above. Steve Jobs, like the article says, did not have money as his primary concern. Money was indeed important to his endeavors, but it was never the end all goal he had. Maybe if Jobs had not died, Apple would have come up with a product that is fresh and appealing, not something like the Apple Watch which is just an extension of an IPhone.

  9. Kylen Holtz says:

    Everyone has owned an Apple product in their life time thanks to Steve Jobs. His innovative thinking created a billion dollar business, but not at the expense of quality. The company has changed the way we approach technology in today’s world. Computers are now accessible to everyone and not a select group. I found it hard to believe that his initial capital was made by selling his VW minibus. Steve Jobs always seemed to be thinking of ahead of everyone else, especially when it came to marketing Apple products. He knew there were myths circulating the company’s logo and played into it. He set the first Apple price at $666, knowing it would gain attention. I found it interesting to read how methodical Steve Jobs was when it came to his company.

  10. Fred Cabulong says:

    Steve Jobs helped many areas of life such as business, marketing, and communications through Apple. Apple iPhone’s have become one of the biggest ways for communication, marketing, and business. Steve Jobs thought always thought ahead and he helped revolutionize technology. He had a great mindset and has opened the doors for many new companies to be created.

  11. Abdulmajeed Anwar says:

    I assume that Apple makes most of its profits off of iPhone sales. The idea of a portable computer “smartphone” existed before the release of first iPhone in 2007. Nokia released its Communicator device somewhere in the late 90’s and it had email and a web browser. So the idea existed before. However, Steve Jobs has done an amazing job at renovating the idea and introducing it differently. I believe that Steve Jobs was monitoring the smartphone market very closely so he could come up with something unique and different.

  12. Mary Delaney says:

    Without Steve Jobs’ farsighted vision, society today would have been incredibly different. It was because of Steve Jobs’ unique way of thinking that allowed him to push the idea of computers that his competitors, like IBM, had in mind and resulted in Apple becoming one of the largest and most recognized companies in the world. Not only did Jobs change change the lives of everyday people by providing them with seemingly unlimited information at their fingertips, but Apple also proved how important successful marketing of a product can be. The sleek look of Apple products, iconic Apple logo, and even the recognizable black turtleneck look always work by Steve Jobs helped in the success of Apple products.

  13. Chris Hutton says:

    Steve Jobs focused on empowering individuals by giving them the access to their own personal computers. Back in 1975, this vision sounded like it would be impossible. Instead of giving up, Jobs continued to grow his company into one of the most successful companies in the world. It was interesting to read that Steve Jobs was not worried about the money at all. He wanted to provide a service that could benefit mankind, and it has. Many companies, technologies, and innovations can flourish due to the vision of Steve Jobs.

  14. Kimberly Devilla says:

    This wasn’t an incredibly interesting read because it exposed how easy it is to transform the world. Life entirely in just a couple of decades has evolved drastically.
    The part that isn’t easy is having the vision, similar to some of these core founders and trailblazers. I almost believe that these special few are born this visionistic.

  15. Brennan Cotter says:

    Steve Jobs created what can be argued to be the most disruptive technology ever. His ability to be able to see decades into the future and develop technology that would be able to not only adapt, but also to improve with the changing times was uncanny. His dedication and commitment to maintain his vision is something that should be reflected on by anyone who wants to succeed in life. There is no doubt in my mind that without Apple Inc.’s products our society would not be even remotely close to where it is in today’s technological world. I am extremely curious to see where the company will end up in 10-15 years from now without Steve’s immediate presence enforcing his vision.

  16. Erin McNulty says:

    This article was an extremely interesting read, especially because I knew little about the early workings of Apple, besides the fact that the tech giant was started in by Steve Jobs in a garage. Steve Jobs’ vision for his company and his execution of that vision is truly incredible, as not only did he “get a computer in the hands of everyday people” but his company went even further: completely revolutionizing the smartphone and made powerful, portable, pocket-sized computers available to the average person. Part of Apple’s success seems to stem from their recognizable brand and the culture the company associates its brand with, so it was very interesting to read about the origins of the logo, which seems to be one of the most recognizable in current times, and the myths surrounding it.

  17. Brenna Coppola says:

    Steve Jobs has revolutionized the technology industry as a whole. I thought it was crazy to think how he sold his VW minibus for his initial capital. It is inspiring to think that at our points in our lives we could too begin something so big off of one small, yet intricate idea. In Steve Jobs initial mindset he wanted to continuously evolve technology as he still is doing, especially with the recent iPhone 7 no headphone jack features that may frustrate people but are revolutionary and in the end benefit the user as Jobs always intended.

  18. Matthew Christensen says:

    I really was intrigued by this article, and I was struck by three things especially. First, the reference to the prophet Ezekiel, Steve Jobs wanted his product to be relevant many years from when he thought of it. And, he succeeded, Apple products will be significant for decades to come. Another point that hit me was that Jobs found the needs gap for his customer, he made it a necessity for people to have an iphone or macbook. For example, some people lose their phone and they are completely lost, they “need it”. However, my favorite part about this concept is how he created a customer value proposition. From the minute you buy the product, Apple’s genius bar at each store is there to service you and answer any questions you have. This process constantly extends value to the customer by making their product more accessible to them. The Apple experience for the customer never stops as people always “need” the next big product. And with every new product, Steve Job’s vision of innovation continues to grow.

  19. Matthew Christensen says:

    I was very Intrigued by this article, and inspired by three points especially referring to Steve Job’s vision. The first thing that struck me was the reference to the prophet Ezekiel, Job’s vision for his product flourished many years after the time he thought it up. Also, Apple products will be flourishing still decades from today. Another point that stuck with me was how Job’s found the need gap for his customer, he made it a necessity to have Apple products. For example, when people lose their Iphones they are lost, they instantly “need” a new phone and cannot live without it. However, my favorite point related to this need gap that he created is the customer value proposition he formed. From the minute you buy an Apple product to the time you move on and buy your next one, value is constantly being added for the customer. For example, the Apple Genius bar is at every store to service the customer, always answering questions to make the product more accessible to the the customer. With every new product Apple creates, Steve Job’s vision to innovate grows bigger and bigger.

  20. Marisa Martinelli says:

    This was a very interesting article to read about Steve Jobs. I thought it was very courageous of him to begin his business out of his garage but I guess it has now paid off with the amount of Apple products that are sold. I think Steve Job’s vision of his microcomputers is still growing each day with the advancements in technology and the constant software updates and new models of the iPhone. In today’s society, people tend to feel lost without their cell phone, which shows the attachment people have made to their cellphones and how they are unable to live without them.

  21. Rose Azibli says:

    Interesting Video, one thing i noticed is the difference between web commercials in the 80’s and now. Technology has been improved so much, today images are more clearer, commercials are more developed with better technology. I really admire Steve Jobs for all the hard work. Apple is adding more functions to its products every year. Its so amazing to see how they develop so fast and how they remain number one on the market in that field.

  22. Annette Cutillas says:

    This was a very interesting read, especially the part where Jobs said,”We started out to get computers in the hands of everyday people and we succeed beyond our wildest dreams.” 50, even 30, years ago no one would have thought that technology would have made it as far as it has come today. Apple products have become extremely valuable to consumers, as half of American households own an apple product. Steve Jobs vision completely revolutionized the technology industry, which is still growing and changing everyday.

  23. Johny Velis says:

    In the mind of an entrepreneur you must not only think about the present, but also well into the future. If you do this correctly, then you will be able to achieve amazing things. The best example would be like Steve Jobs did with the world of technology. He not only looked into the future, but Steve Jobs also applied marketing tactics that were strange. Not only did these tactics work, but they helped develop his persona. The ability to think differently is a major key in our time because it allows you to achieve what others can’t and do the impossible which for Steve Jobs was to give everyone a piece his dream.

  24. Brian Curley says:

    Steve Job’s visions were ahead of his own time but his ability to maintain those views and follow them through is very incredible. Steve seemed to grow and adapt every time the world’s market shifted or his product took an unexpected twist. This speaks to his genius but also serves as an example for other people starting companies in this world. It is important to not see the world as it is know but rather where it will be and where it could go. The world’s marketing strategies will always change and so will the people on the earth. Steve Jobs knew this and that is why I am typing this comment on a Apple laptop.

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