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Family Policy Councils: The Real Grass Roots Needed for the Next Conservative President

Policy Review November & December 1996In the mid-nineties, Charmaine wrote a column for Policy Review magazine. One of her articles reviewed the Family Policy Councils. The FPCs are state based non-profits considered faith-based, cultural...


C-SPAN Slug Fest

On the C-SPAN set Charmaine has been doing media interviews for a couple of decades on the “shouting shows.” Debating or interviewing Andrew Dice Clay, Jesse Jackson, Bill Mahr, Chris Matthews, Gloria Steinem, Patricia...


Do Elite Women Want to Breed?

BreederLast week Charmaine participated in a round table discussion on the world’s de-population. The take-away from the research was that a growing population is a market driver. That there was more innovation from 1900...