"Mom, that woman is naked!"


Las Vegas is a seductive place. As we drove into town down the Strip, the Penta-Posse was thrilled — billboard-size flat-screen televisions with life-like fireworks . . . (Women in g-strings – “Mom, that woman is naked!”). . . a roller-coaster that explodes in a wild loop outside the NASCAR Cafe. . . . strobe lights make you think there’s a cop behind you. . . but of course there’s no cop, no cares, no accountability. Remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Right?

We hadn’t been in Vegas more than half-an-hour before the Dreamer saw an older woman, sitting in front of the slot machines, with her head in her hands sobbing.

I remain an admirer of his work, but what was Bill Bennett thinking?

Vegas remains a marvel of entertainment, which is mesmerizing for the Diva, our aspiring performer. Even the water fountains have choreography. On the way back to our hotel from a meeting last night, we stopped by the famous water fountain show in front of the Bellagio. It is truly breath-taking. Imagine hundreds of water fountains lined up like show-girls, with blasts of water “dancing” to lights and music. Amazing. At the end, the throngs lining the overlook began to applaud — almost as if there were human performers in front of us — then stopped quickly, almost embarrassed, and moved off into the night.

The Penta-Posse was entranced. They chattered happily about the spectacle as we walked away, until the Dreamer moved closer to me: “Mom, why does that woman have cards in the bushes? She’s naked and there’s a price on them.”

I tried to explain prostitution. (And gambling. And pawn shops. . .)

“So how much was she charging?” I asked.

“$49,” replied the Dreamer.

“She’s selling herself for $50?” I murmured.

“Wow. That’s cheap,” said the Dude. “Mom, why would she do that?”

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? I think not. John Donne said it better: “No man is an island.” One woman weeping in public, how many more weeping unseen?

Update: June 23, 2005 Feisty Repartee has more on the Vegas experience.


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