CNBC's Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo: Should Gambling Be Legalized?



Maria Bartiromo, CNBC Host

on the red carpet at the 56th annual

Primetime Emmy Awards

in Los Angeles, September 19, 2004

credit: Strange Politics


It was Charmaine vs vice.

Should gambling be legalized?


Video here.Charmaine argued against the social pathologies that surround, cloud and darken games of chance; gambling.


CNBCThe pro-gambling guy compared gambling addiction to playing golf and playing the stockmarket.

Charmaine noted the lack of pawn shops and prostitutes in proximity to golf courses.

Gambling guy said, “Everyone does it” — sounding a bit like a teenage girl begging for a curfew extension —

Charmaine was (type) cast as the adult in the debate. Conservative girls, are like, well, you know, not popular, you know.

And people, says The Gambler, should be allowed to do whatever they want. Whatever.

Except smoke cigarettes, I guess.


I talk with the Penta-Posse about gambling. They think it is stupid.

It was like having an adult conversation.

Something Charmaine didn’t have on CNBC.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine blogs at Reasoned Audacity and FRCBlog.

The pro-gambling position was debated by Wayne Root from G-Win.

Basil’s Blog has good content today.


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