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Cross Post from Jack Yoest


Neil Cavuto

Your Money or Your Life

HarperCollins Publishers,

New York, New YorkCharmaine will be appearing on Your World with Cavuto, this afternoon at 4 pm EST. On Fox News.


Fox News

She’ll be analyzing the latest data showing that single women now buy over 20% of new homes.

What does this mean for women? Culture? The future?

She’ll be debating a feminist real estate agent.


Tune in and let us know what you think.

No. Really. Our (real) friends are brutally honest. And tell us when a debate point was missed. What she should have said. Or not said.

Or the really important stuff: her clothes wrong, lighting awful, jewelry? A bad hair day.

Please give us your thoughts. Thanks for being a real friend.


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See Neil Cavuto’s bio at the jump.

See Charmaine’s bio.


Basil’s Blog has a picnic.

And Don Suber has another kick-*** girl video.


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5 Responses

  1. I’ll snag the video for you, since I know you’ll be on! 🙂

  2. don surber says:

    20%. That’s just new. I remember 40 years ago when my mother had to go through all kinds of ship to get a mortgage. That was real discrimination, girls.

    Cavuto rocks. (OK, one more Jack Welch interview and I fly to NYC, go to his studio and muss his hair, 15 seconds before the cameras roll! Bwa-haha)

    Anyway, you have given me another reason to tune in

  3. Jack Yoest says:

    Don, when I asked for your honest opinion — I didn’t mean it.


    Reasons to tune it? How about Charmaine’s got more hair than Jack Welsh…and fewer x-spouses.

    All his single spouses

    Out buying houses.

    Welsh has skewed the data all by himself.

  4. Cal says:

    Here are a few things that pop immediately to my mind:

    1. Women tend to be more vulnerable to manipulation on the purchase of large-ticket items like cars and houses than men, thus more likely to settle for a worse deal than necessary.

    2. If it’s a good investment, seems like a good idea.

    3. Certainly owning is better than renting if one can handle the cash flow–same principle for men and women, singles and marrieds, alike.

    4. A possible risk of unintended consequence: If women are more financially independent entering marriage, that will make it easier for them to decide to check out–i.e., divorce rates will be pushed upward somewhat.

    I’m shocked to hear that 20 percent of home sales are to single women. I would never have guessed it. But my shock might subside considerably if I were to check into the percentage of the adult population in the usual house-buying age range is single. If we assume (purely for illustration–I have no idea if this is so) that 70 percent of the population in that range is married, that means 30 percent isn’t, so 15 percent would be single women, and in that case 20 percent would be surprisingly high; but if 60 percent is married, then 40 percent isn’t, so 20 percent would be women, and in that case 20 percent wouldn’t be so surprisingly high (though a little bit in that there’s the income gap between men and women, making it a little tougher for women to qualify for a mortgage).


  5. The video is now available on or .

    Charmaine you did great as usual. Neil on the other hand, annoyed me. He kept interrupting you and framed the debate totally biased against you. Great job, and nice hair, and clothes too 🙂