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Hi there. I’m your friend, Laurence Simon. And it’s time for a Crappy Bedtime Story.

Your Business Blogger has a post up on IMAO. But it wasn’t really funny ’til Simon made it so.

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And while there, go read Workplace Law Prof. An academic and a lawyer. Who hates Wal*Mart. Who hates George Bush. Vocation and world views are often consistent. No?

The academic lawyers also write on consexual consensual relations between (law?) professors and students.

What Red State parent is not worried about protecting their daughters from these readers of The Chronicle of Higher Education?


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Laurence Simon also blogs at This Blog is Full of Crap. He’s been a happy cramper since January 2002. More at the jump.

Who is Laurence Simon?

Laurence Simon is a 36 year-old technical support drone for the webhosting division of a local ISP. He lives in Houston, TX with his wife and four three cats. In the urban paradise they call home, he gardens, grills, bakes excellent bread in his bread machine, and slowly dips further into insanity.

He has a degree from Rice University on the wall. It doesn’t do much other than take up space. Funny, how diplomas tend to do that.

He retired the infamous weblog “Amish Tech Support” for the good of mankind, but resurfaced at this unholy domain of But that’s not the only place you’ll find him, no sirree Bob.

Laurence was a contributing author at 100 Words Or Les Nessman and Command Post before those projects ceased production. He’s currently collaborating at IMAO and hopefully with H-town Blogs if Sketkar ever finishes the redesign. He also shows off his evil, dark-humor side by administering a Dead Pool weblog game.

His love and devotion to his cats are demonstrated by his stewardship of the Carnival of the Cats hub site, a disturbing amount of live catcams, and a new Houston Chronicle readerblog about cats called Catcall.

If you want to hear what he sounds like, why not check his daily podcast for some amusing 100-word stories. Other 100 word stories can be heard exclusively on Mikeypod on the Bayou every week. He’s also on Silent Running’s Shire Network News with his Full Of Crap Report and you might just catch a Crappy Bedtime Story or two on IMAO’s podcast.

He’s been known to stop by KPFT and give bread to the fine folks on Technology Bytes. Fighting Jay Lee (None More Surly Than He) and Dwight Silverman are heroes of his, and heroes must receive offerings of bread to maintain their heroic stature. He also does this to honor the memory of James Domengeaux, who had a cable show called American Computer Enthusiasts and was a part of Comptuer Workshop Live. The use of broadcasting resources to reach out and help people calling in is a noble cause indeed.

The ads are courtesy of Pajamas Media, which decided that he’d be a fine addition to their initial seventy bloggers in the advertising network. Why they decided this, nobody’s sure of. Perhaps they smoked a little too much weed that day or something.

Oh, and he’s so full of crap, his eyes are brown.


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2 Responses

  1. Paul Secunda says:

    Hey Jack. If you are going to mislead your readers about my what our posts are about and attribute things to me that I never said, please at least get the name of our blog right: Workplace Prof Blog.

  2. Jack Yoest says:

    Professor, Mea Culpa. I now understand that you voted for George Bush and you love shopping at Wal*Mart and you never read The Chronicle and professors don’t seduce their students. And I got the name of your blog wrong.

    Goodness, the academy is so hard to get right. No?



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