Ned Lamont and the "Silver Star Moms"



Ned Lamont It was a small mistake. A goof anyone could make. And trust me, Your Business Blogger knows how to screw up. Lamont made a simple slip.

Except if you knew something about the Armed Services.

Last Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Ned Lamont talked about, “Blue Star moms, Silver Star moms, …Gold Star moms…” attempting to get pacifist viewers to get weepy or to get angry. About the horrors of war. Where good men die.

Lamont when on to win the Democrat primary in Connecticut yesterday.


Silver Star But not clear was what Ned Lamont was referring to about “Silver Star moms.”

Perhaps Ned means either mothers of soldiers awarded a Silver Star.


Blue Star Family Or Ned Lamont doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Does not know anything about matters military.

I would submit that Ned doesn’t know, nor like, nor support the American Armed Services. Simply: A Democrat.

A vote for Lamont is a vote for appeasement; for losing a war.

Losing wars is bad for business.


Gold Star And will produce more Gold Star Moms.

Ned Lamont did get that one right.


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