The Army's Marketing Campaign for Placing Women in Combat



The Great Seal The World’s Only Super Power wields its power through the arrows of the Armed Services in one hand and in the other hand is the olive branch of…marketing.

The olive branch is traditionally known for peace, but also for known for prosperity. Commerce is usually difficult in times of war. The olive branch these days seems to represent peace as the absence of warfighting, but might also be seen in the marketing in warfighting.

If there is anything we Americans know how to do — is fight wars and sell stuff.

The Army now has a combined arms team of lethal power. Nothing on earth can resist the might of our military co-located with its American Marketing Machine. That is being turned loose on the masses of US lasses to put women in combat.

The marketing message is delivered with smart bomb precision and subtlety. It began with omissions, as when the Air Force Academy took down its huge sign, Bring Me Men. And now is actively selling with clever word changes.

Which is marketing defined. As Mark Twain said about the right word being as powerful as the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

Words count. Army Regulation 600-13, Army Policy for the Assignment of Female Soldiers, Dated March 1992,

…allows women to serve…except those battalion size or smaller units which are assigned a primary mission to engage in direct ground combat or which collocate routinely with units assigned a direct ground combat mission.

It is the intent of Congress, the President and Army Regulation that women are not permitted in ground combat.

But note how the feminists in the armed forces are changing wording to change policy. For example,

The Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) Rifle Squad variant and Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) Weapons Squad variant each deliver 9-person infantry squads to a location from which they will conduct a close assault.

Close assault is ground combat, from which women are excluded. The Alert Reader will notice that the Army calls this fighting machine a 9-person vehicle. Where it should be a 9-MAN infantry squad.

The Army substitutes “person” for “man.” Which is the feminist agenda. Male substitution wherever possible.

The military goes a-marketing.



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See the Army’s website.

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Form Symbols of U.S. Government:

The Great Seal of the United States,

In the center of the seal is an bald eagle, our national bird. It holds in its beak a scroll inscribed E pluribus unum, which is Latin meaning “out of many, one” and stands for one nation that was created from 13 colonies. In one claw is an olive branch, while the other holds a bundle of thirteen arrows. The olive branch and arrows “denote the power of peace and war.”


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