Any PR is good, As Long As They Spell Your Name Right


When you tangle with print, radio, or visual media your name and identifiers are sometimes going to be mangled. It is not always deliberate. Donald Rumsfeld, Our Secretary of Defense, says to never confuse a conspiracy with incompetence.

But how does one tell the difference?


Charmaine, Right (as usual) on MSNBC

The wife of Your Business Blogger, Charmaine, appeared on Joe Scarborough’s show the other night. She prepped using the 10 Tips for Your Big Show Biz Break. She was debating a some liberals over a New York Times article.

It said that cheating on a spouse can be good.

Your Business Blogger advises against cheating on a spouse. Bad for the job. And business is a jealous mistress.



Anyway, Charmaine does her homework. And provides name, rank and serial number to the producer. Including her Ph.D. suffix. Those three letters cost me a million dollars and ten years. I insist on the lettering. She doesn’t care — I do. I’m the shallow one; she’s not.

Anyway, MSNBC would be considered — by some — to be a world-class organization committed to attention to detail.

But an MSNBC producer slipped up on the names and by-lines. Mistakes will happen. Guaranteed. Like leaving off suffixes.

And when the goofs go live, the professional doesn’t say die.

Whenever there is any kind of error in any form, in any forum, continue with your act.

Keep talking; keep singing; keep dancing, keep moving.

The show must go on.


At Last, The Correct By-line

Most of the time, your audience will never see the goof-up. The audience will see and remember the passion in your play.

It doesn’t matter if there is a conspiracy. Or if merely incompetence.

Deliver your sound bite. Make the sale. And you will please your audience.


Thank you (foot)notes: See the adultery clip on Scarborough Country, MSNBC, here. Courtesy Peter Shinn.

Management Training Tip: If you will cheat on your wife, you will cheat on your business partners. Even if the New York Times approves.


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