McDonald's: Funding Homosexual Activism


McDonald’s is funding homosexual activism–and I’m NOT lovin’ it!


Charmaine and the Penta-Posse

at a McDonald’s

somewhere in Middle America

circa 2005 Buying a McDonald’s hamburger now promotes the homosexual lifestyle. Here’s a sample open letter to the McDonald’s leadership, supplied by the Family Research Council,

Dear Chairman McKenna,

We are writing to request that you end your “Corporate Partnership” with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and refrain from making corporate contributions to this or other homosexual organizations.

[If individual members of the board of McDonald’s wishes to give to any charity, have it your way, so to say — but a corporation should not

use earnings for charity. Charity is a test of the individual heart — not corporate or government largess.]

We also request that you adopt a policy which would prevent your corporate officers from using the McDonald’s corporate name to lend legitimacy to work they may do for such organizations. The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce exists to generate business for companies that are owned by homosexuals. While we do not object to McDonald’s doing business with any suppliers who can provide a quality product or service at a good price, we also do not understand why anyone would engage in affirmative steps to seek out suppliers based on their sexual behavior, or assist in promoting businesses for that reason.

[Your Business Blogger(R) has spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in McDonald’s PlayPlaces. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a homosexual in a McDonald’s. The demographics do not fit the fast food market segment.

No. The homosexuals do not want to eat at McDonald’s any more than they really want to serve in the military. Homosexuals are on a marketing campaign for normalcy. And they are looking for a stamp of approval in basic cultural institutions: Ronald McDonald, marriage and the military.]

However, the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce does not exist just to promote the economic interests of their members. They also promote an extensive political agenda, including explicit support for legislation and litigation that would:

* Undermine the unique treatment granted to marriage between one man and one woman under the law

* Treat homosexual and “transgender” behavior on the same basis as race under federal civil rights laws

* Label disapproval of homosexual behavior a form of “hate” under so-called “hate crime” laws.

[Parents should ask if McDonald’s will embrace open unisex restrooms where transgenders and transvestites and cross-dressers can have proximity to the wee ones.]

The NGLCC promotes a controversial social and political agenda that is offensive to tens of millions of your customers. A corporation like McDonald’s, which prides itself on providing a family-friendly product in a family-friendly environment, should not be associated with any narrow political agenda. Thank you for considering my views.

Let the homosexuals dine on fast food at Starbucks. With the rest of the liberals.

Nope. The next time I need to take the Penta-Posse out for fast food — Lord, the money we spend — we will not go to McDonald’s. And neither should you.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Market Research for McDonald’s

Your Business Blogger(R) has enjoyed eating at McDonald’s the world over. I’m not sure of the support for homosexuals in, say, China. See China’s New Statue for Brotherhood and World Peace. And learn where the ad, I’m Lovin’ It was developed.


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6 Responses

  1. Fred Rouse says:

    You idiots are quickly becoming parodies of yourselves.

  2. JD says:

    Yes. This is TOTALLY WORTH someone’s time.

    Enjoy the slow extinction of your socially conservative mindsets, kids. It’s been an ongoing process for years.

    Soon everyone will acknowledge that this is not a Christian nation, that every faith is legitimate, that gays should have equal rights with heterosexuals, that women should have equal rights with men, that race differences are superficial at best, and that the Earth is billions of years old and not 6000.

    Try not to cry too hard.

  3. Ty Marshal says:

    If this was the other way around, and McDonald’s donated to some “family-based” organization that preaches against homosexuality then you would be praising them up and down and eating there every night…with your children of course…in front of the cameras for the world to see – which I am certain is a tactic you will utilize this time around as well…

    Open not your mind, but your heart.

    PS – I dont eat at McDonalds, so it makes no difference.

  4. Jack says:

    Ty, Of course we would praise any group that would support a children first philosophy.

    This is the first purpose of civilization is to ‘grow up’ the next generation of young ones.

    And the best vehicle for growing children is a man and a woman in marriage. There is no debate on the data.

    “Breeders” as the homosexuals like to call us whenever we are seen with our Penta-Posse — provide the best nurturing environment to raise children. We cannot eliminate risk — but we can manage and reduce risk and, as a society, provide the best culture to raise kids.

    Homosexuals cannot do this.

    Transgenders cannot do this. (Even without surgery.)

    Our minds and hearts are indeed open to the truth. And the truth is easy to observe.

    One man, one woman is the best family to raise children. Not a village, not homosexuals.

    The other truth is a simple marketing exercise. As you know, Your Business Blogger(R) is a Professor in business and management and marketing at the local college. I teach marketing.

    The MacDonald’s support for the homosexual agenda is a poor exercise in appealing to a market segment that detests the product MadDonald’s produces: Meat, Fast Food, Fried Food, served on plastic trays, surrounded by plastic flowers.

    This does not appeal to the homosexual market segment.

    Indeed, in reading the comments of the homosexual blogs (who were very gracious to link) none of the commenters visits or likes or cares about MacDonalds.

    MacDonald’s making a donation to support the homosexual agenda is a poor business decision: MacDonald’s gets nothing for the money. And has alienated a key customer base — parents with children.

    Now we parents will visit Chick-fil-A — where we are confident the NAMBLA membership will not be hosting a birthday party in the Playplace.

    MacDonld’s will only need to loose 2 or 3 market points to drive stockholders to consider other wealth producing options.

    If MacDonald’s were a charity, they could certainly slosh money wherever they wished.

    But as a business they must make business decisions. Peter Drucker reminds us that the purpose of business is to create a customer and make a profit. Funding the homosexual agenda will destroy both the customer base and profits. A bad business decision.

    And Ty, you don’t eat at MacDonald’s and now I don’t either.

    We both have something in common.

    Thank you for commenting,


  5. Jack says:

    JD, I will assume that you are voting for the ObamaNation and look forward to surrendering to the jihadists.

    Where jihadists will hang all the homosexuals and wrap the feminists in burkas.

    So pick your brand of family-friendly religions. Christian or Jihadist/Muslim.

    The faith of our Founding Fathers offers a better deal, I believe.

    The soldiers fighting overseas will win this war for even the ungrateful homosexual.

    Unless B. Hussein Obama loses the war for us here.

    But I am confident of the out come and common sense of the American people. Happy like a Christian holding 4 aces, as I think Mark Twain said.

    Thank you for commenting,


  6. Ty Marshal says:

    Thank you for your response.

    Unfortunately though, I believe you have an interesting way of perpetrating lies, rumors and untruths in an underhanded way.

    Although we both agree that McDonald’s might be making a poor business deicision, this by no means allows us to enter into any other debate. If it’s a poor business decision, then call it such and move forward. Of course, with freedom of speech, your rhetoric is allowable.

    “Now we parents will visit Chick-fil-A — where we are confident the NAMBLA membership will not be hosting a birthday party in the Playplace.” – What a derogatory comment to make in a debate about business, as you apparently like to persuade your readers into believing.

    Comparing the homosexual segment of society to pedophiles in one fell swoop only furthers my notion that your points are further from the truth, your intentions are further from realistic causes.

    So, with that said, let is agree that McDonald’s has made a poor business decision and leave it at that – saving the underhanded remarks (such as NAMBLA meanderings which are only meant to hurt and debase a segment of society you happen to know little about).