MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine Quoted in CNN On Obama’s ‘Christian Left’


charmaine_yoest_cnn_headline_abortion_card.jpgCharmaine is quoted in Obama works to mobilize ‘Christian left.’

She says that all voters should care, “…[A]bout the public policies the person is going to put in place.”

Charmaine is pictured at left on an earlier CNN appearance debating abortion.

The policies of which Charmaine speaks are the ‘vote-changing’ issues Grover Norquist writes about in his book Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives.

The Leave Us Alone coalition is made up of groups who want the government to do only constitutionally-restricted work, and to, well, leave us alone.

Following is a short list of loose associations Norquist cites who want less government and less outside intrusion:


Gun Owners




The Alert Reader will note that this conservative Leave Us Alone coalition includes the Pro-Life community. This is the only group in Grover’s group that wants the government and the courts to protect life and stop the option of killing of unborn children — just as the government stopped the option of slavery.

The Christian Left is willing to sacrifice freedom in order to pay higher taxes — this small segment that occasionally attends church is delighted with large government and the government confiscation of property, life and wealth.

These young Christians are confusing government with God — remember, for most liberals, the government is their god.

sonogram_side_by_side.jpgThe Leftist group is a bit confused on Biblical teaching and looks forward to the tyranny of a ObamaNation. Mature followers of Jesus Christ look to the Ten Commandments, including the directive, Do Not Kill, or more accurately, Do No Murder.

The deliberate taking of innocent life is a vote-changer for thinking Christians.


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3 Responses

  1. J says:

    People of faith capitalize the ‘G’ in God.

    People of no faith capitalize the ‘G’ in Government.

    You are right —

    Government is their God.

    I guess that’s better than being an atheist?


  2. J, this is the difference and battle of world views.

    The American Experiment, our Republic is based on a virtuous people.

    Let us pray that the virtuous do not get out-voted this November.

    Thank you for commenting,


  3. Walter Hayes says:

    One miracle of the American Revolution was the unique concept that God gave rights directly to the people and therefore, the people could give some rights to their government. In other countries then and today, the leader took rights or held that they were given rights by god or was considered to be god and therefore could give out and take back rights to the people.

    When religion is looked upon by the liberal elite as silly, old fashioned, sexist, racist, or the opiate of the masses, this elite will discourage faith because it weakens their power and attempts for total and absolute control of everything in the known universe.

    We should also be careful that our good nature is not used by modernists in areas such as the environment. Sitting on sofas for photo ops with Al Sharpton can legitimize Al while undermining our efforts. Fox News is also giving a platform to Sharpton that it would never dare give to David Duke.

    Keep up the good work Charmaine and God bless America!