Charmaine Quoted in The Wall Street Journal; Planned Parenthood Forbids the Science of the Sonogram


cecile_richards_obama.jpgWhile we were marching in yesterday’s March for Life, Charmaine was interviewed by the WSJ on the Obama Abortion Bail Out executive order.

Cecile Richards, from Planned Parenthood and Obama

The reporter, LAURA MECKLER, asked about the current Mexico City Accord which prohibits USA taxpayers funding education on “reproductive freedom” to other countries. (The Alert Reader knows well that reproductive freedom/education is code for abortion.) The reporter also asked about Obama’s “sensitivity” on not signing the abortion bailout on the anniversary of Roe v Wade; 22 January — a day Pro-Lifers yearly recognize as the day the Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 57 50 states. Abortion is now legal through all nine months of pregnancy.

Meckler wrote,

…[A]bortion opponents were not mollified. Charmaine Yoest, [Ph.D.] president of Americans United for Life, thinks the change in policy amounts to U.S. tax dollars funding abortion and sees no positive outcome. But she called the delayed timing “a politically savvy move” by the White House.

Meckler also interviewed Cecile Richards,

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which offers abortion and family planning, says she doesn’t care when President Obama changes the policy, as long as it is changed. “He has clearly stated his opposition to the global gag rule and his intention to overturn it,” she said.

Cecile Richards makes money selling and preforming abortions. If women and other countries cannot afford an abortion. The American tax payer will now pay for them in a Planned Parenthood office.


There is one gag rule that Cecile Richards demands that Obama not change: No pregnant woman should see a sonogram of her baby.

85 percent of women who see the first picture of the child, do not have an abortion.

Planned Parenthood cannot have the science of the sonogram help women to choose.


Over 530,000 have signed the Americans United for Life petition to Fight FOCA. Be sure to sign up!

Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine spend time yesterday talking with Lila Rose who regularly captures on video Planned Parenthood covering up rapes. See

Planned Parenthood Rape Cover-up: Is a Sting Operation Ethical?


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4 Responses

  1. SoMG says:

    You wrote: “There is one gag rule that Cecile Richards demands that Obama not change: No pregnant woman should see a sonogram of her baby.”

    OK, I’ll bite. Show where Richards, or PP, or Obama, has ever attempted to prevent abortion docs from showing sonograms to the patients, if the docs choose to do so and/or if the patients ask. Any law, or policy, supported by any of them, which says docs are not allowed to show the ultrasounds. If you can, I’ll donate a thousand bucks to the NRLC. If not, you donate a thousand bucks to Med Students for Choice. You won’t take me on because there isn’t one!

    Opposing laws which would FORCE docs to show ultrasounds, or FORCE patients to look at them, is NOT the same as supporting a gag rule.

    The Mexico City Policy defunded organizations which PREVENT more abortions than they cause. It thereby caused EXTRA abortions. In the abortion graveyard we should have a special plot of land for the unborn babies killed in utero because of the MCPolicy. Plant extra shrubbery there and call it “The Bush Zone”.

  2. Jack Yoest says:

    SoMG, Planned Parenthood has fought the science of the sonogram for years — Cecile Richards has fought informed consent in a number of legislative initiatives.

    Cecile Richards does not want a woman with child to see a picture of said child.

    Cecile Richards wants women to be ignorant of science and sonograms and the truth.

    Women should have all the facts before undergoing a surgical procedure.

    More later…

    Thank you for your observations,


  3. SoMG says:

    Jack, fighting some “informed consent” laws is not the same as opposing informed consent.

    Some “informed consent” laws require docs to lie to their patients (about, for instance, breast cancer). Or–this is a good one–in one state there’s a law that requires you to tell the patient that the fetus is a “separate entity”. Sorry, but if something’s located inside my body it’s not separate from me. On the contrary, it’s united with me!

    Again, show me where PP has tried to PROHIBIT showing ultrasounds (as opposed to opposing laws that would FORCE ultrasounds) and I’ll contribute a thousand dollars to NRLC and TEN thousand dollars to your blog.

    You say “Women should have all the facts before undergoing a surgical procedure.” WRONG! Patients only need the facts that are relevent to their health. You don’t need “all” the facts. What was your last surgical operation? Do you know the name of the surgeon who developed the protocol your surgeon used? No? How about the name of the company that manufactured the suture threads used to sew up your incision? No? Then I guess you don’t know ALL the facts either.

  4. Jack Yoest says:

    SoMG, The link between breast cancer and abortion should be the first risk disclosed to every woman considering abortion.

    Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) spent a number of decades in the medical device start-up business bring new products, new procedures and new medicine to market. I am somewhat familiar with protocols, helping to write a few of them.

    One of my responsibilities back in the day, was to train physicians on surgical techniques. The first lesson we always covered was risk analysis and the outcome data. Back then my docs would only accept studies from USA based research — they did not want to see European research: they felt it was biased and substandard.

    But, as in too many things, the USA is following Europe in our bias and substandard risk analysis. The research and data is clear and compelling on the abortion/breast cancer linkage — but the data is manipulated and ignored by today’s medical community.

    One woman in eight gets breast cancer. The causes deserve more study. And open dissemination.

    Thank you,