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The Washington Briefing 2007, Oct 19 – 21, Washington, DC

Charmaine at the podium addressing last year’s crowd of 1,700 The Family Research Council is having their annual Briefing in Your Nation’s Capital. This year will be interesting. All GOP presidential candidates will speak....


Kingsley Browne's Co-ed Combat: The New Evidence that Women Shouldn’t Fight the Nation’s Wars

Kinglsey Brown Alert Readers will know of Your Business Blogger’s endorsement of Professor Kingsley Brown and his research. Brown is on faculty at Wayne State University teaching law. He writes to John Howland with...


The Looming American Matriarchy, Robespierre & Admiral Michael G. Mullen

Robespierre guillotined during the Reign of Terror, 1794 Some historians state that he was executed face up — to watch the descending blade. There has been some concern and backlash on the ‘justice’ rendered...