Corvettes in China




1958 ‘Vette with standard accessories

Years ago Your Business Professor tooled around town in a vintage ‘Vette. Pictured with factory options. The blond came (and went) with the machine.

It didn’t have 12 cylinders. But it was a product of marketing perfection that got better over the decades.

The late 50’s Corvette profile has become the car-guy subliminal imprint. A peculiar American case of brain damage. Suffered by gnarly-car guys who bend wrenches and needles. American Men. Marlboro Men.

I thought.

Except I now have proof that all males the world over have this marketing image in the manliness DNA. Even to the other side of the world.

China manufactures cars. And makes a very good Chevy product. Chinese auto manufacturers wanted to sell the new models a recent car show.

And used a late 1950’s ‘Vette to advertise the show. The old girl attracts. And seduces men the world over.



Car Show in China



A Vette Your Business Professor’s old Corvette.

And of course the early Corvettes are cultural icons in USA also


1958 Corvette in ad

1958 Corvette in ad


1958 Corvette in Sunoco ad

1958 Corvette in Sunoco ad

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Thank you (foot)notes:

So I sold the ‘Vette to buy a Ph.D.. I took the Corvette off the pedestal. Charmaine has been there since. Not a bad trade.

But I did buy more Corvettes. And I did put girls in them not my wife.

The Dreamer in her ‘Vette and driving instructor, 1997


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Argghhh! has open backtracks.

Read what Peter Thinks on more manufacturing moving to China.

See the GM FastLane Blog. World Keeps Getting Bigger for Chevorlet. Corporate and good.


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  1. don surber says:

    Great story. She’s what? 16 now? She might want the real thing now

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