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Video: Management Training for Church Pastors & Leaders — The Answers In 60 Seconds

Management Training for Church Leaders. Management Training for Church Leaders: The QuestionsYour Business Blogger(R) would often tease Preachers about their work-load. After all, they only work one hour a week. On Sunday. Pastors always...


Values Voter Summit September 12: Save The Date

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. addresses the 2,600 attendees at last year’s Summit Photo Credit: Peter Shinn Hold September 12 on your calendar for the Values Voter Summit in Your Nation’s Capital. Called “the most exciting...


MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on FOX, Cavuto Obama and Wright: Do They Hate America?

Trinity United Church of Christ/Religion News Service Sen. Barack Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright God D@mn America, God D@mn America, God D@mn America… The “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright cussing for the congregation. Wright continues,...