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Charmaine on CNN Debating Condoms; Obama Will Export Abortion-Condom Funding Overseas

Warning: The Condom Commercial is for mature audiences. In the 1990’s CNN had a terrific talking-heads-shouting-show called Crossfire. Regular Hosts included Michael Kinsley, liberal, then moved to Slate. Pat Buchanan, conservative, former GOP, now...


Media Alert: Charmaine In USA Today, Reuters, HuffingtonPost, Catholic OnLine

We had a film crew from South Africa at the house today interviewing Charmaine on the campaign. The rest of the world is confused at our continuing frictional discourse on abortion. Most of the...


Charmaine Speaks at UVa; Jonah Goldberg Speaks at Emory. Who Knew?

Charmaine and Jonah at National Review both had speaking gigs at major schools. Q: Who Knew? A: No one.   Charmaine lecturing on campus I drove the wife and The Dreamer, The Dude, The...